Dear Garden, Please Grow! 🥕🌻

Laycie McClain

Here at Distilled Bath & Body, we care deeply for the planet and sustainability is in our company DNA. We use glass bottles with all of Pit Liquor deodorant products. We'll take back your used bottles and recycle them. We minimize waste by offering our reFILL bottles so you can reuse your original Pit Liquor bottle

We're also on Team Nature when it comes to our ingredients. We steer clear of made-in-a-lab chemicals and instead opt for made-by-nature. We source carefully, selecting only organic ingredients so safe you could eat them. (Just remember, Pit Liquor is definitely for your pits and we've denatured it with salt so it's not for drinking. In short, it's the unicorn elixir for your pits, not your taste buds.)

Speaking of carefully sourcing ingredients, if you've tried Whiskey Lavender Pit Liquor you've likely seen the lovely lavender sprig included in your bottle.

It's so pretty! And an awesomely natural way to infuse the alcohol with lavender. That lavender comes from a stellar, organic farm in Fort Collins, Colorado (it's sourced locally!). I'm here as a Distilled Bath & Body blogger to tell you why the company didn't select me for growing their lavender and why that decision speaks well for their wisdom!

I don't want to suck at gardening, but I do.

Whatever the opposite of a "green thumb" is, that's what I have. I have it in I hold a garden spade in-hand and the best of intentions in my heart. For a few years now I've been working on nailing down what I'm doing wrong, but I have to admit that I'm beginning to think I might be a lost cause. I'm sad about all the unintentional herbicide in the wake of my efforts to grow green things. This is my current level of gardening failure:


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Remember Fern Gully and Krista's big intentions for saving the rainforest and doing what the old fairy (Madge?) said—to "help it grow"? Those are my goals but, much like Krista here, I'm on the struggle bus.

Or, to put my failure another way: 

(via GIPHY)

Please don't tell Greta. I really am trying. I also am getting recruiting emails from this guy. What the?

(via GIPHY)

My neighbors walk by my yard littered with pots of bedraggled plants and I see this look...a LOT:


(via GIPHY)

So, it's good the organically grown ingredients in your Pit Liquor are not coming from my sad little garden space. I refuse to give up though! Maybe this summer will bring my breakthrough and the botanicals in my yard will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Any gardening tips to help me move to "green thumb" status? Drop a comment below! I'd love to hear your words of wisdom!


Laycie McClain lives nestled against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Loveland, CO. It's a handy place to live for a Wyoming native who treasures mountain adventures, a good craft beer, and plenty of opportunities for enjoying the outdoors with her husband and daughter.

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