Is this some kind of joke?

While we did create a product that tends to warrant at least a few smiles, we are actually quite serious about what goes in our bottles and onto your pits. The resulting smiles are something we did on purpose. We figured smiles and laughter make the world a better place and EVERY decision has an impact. So smile, laugh, and read on.

Armpit Woes

Pit Liquor is the result of some really serious research and was the answer to Jason's and my quest for a deodorant that was safe enough for a pregnant or nursing mom, but effective and not prone to causing rashes. Sounds easy. It wasn't. 

As a pregnant lady at the time, I was at the end of my rope with deodorants that sucked. I had cysts opening up and oozing in my pits. I had rashes. I had ruined clothes from oil stains and white marks that wouldn't go away. And to add insult to all the injury, I still stank like a sailor on the high seas.

We did not set out to become deodorant tycoons, lol. In fact, we were THOSE people, the ones who often didn't wear deo and others knew it. 

With a tiny baby on the way and raging pregnancy hormones that made me smell like a wildebeest in heat, Jason decided to start reading. And he discovered that there are actual medical textbooks available on the topic of deodorant and armpits. I do love a smart, sexy geek immersed in knowledge, even if it is armpit-based.

The answer to all life's questions


But seriously. Regular alcohol is a great solution to pit stank, but it's generally not actually a safe ingredient because it's made from poisonous substances and enhanced with other poisons like glycol. 

Whiskey, on the other hand, contains tannins which are antimicrobial and it's made from ingredients that people can and do eat with no ill effect. So, truly non-toxic deodorant was born from a love for whiskey and a need for help in the pit department. But it's not just that simple. Our deodorant is at the proper alcohol content and contains many other edible ingredients that cause it to be the very best natural deodorant available. 

After a year of research, we had a deodorant we loved and were happy using. Beyond that, we found ourselves surrounded by people who wanted some for themselves. 

So, as insane people with a new baby, we did what any sleep-deprived parents would do. We started a company. We weren't sleeping at night, so why not. We ran a Kickstarter and learned there was a large market for our product, and we took off running.

We hope you have a fabulous day and we look forward to quenching your stench!


April 16, 2019 — Jason and Erica Feucht

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