Our Journey to Zero Waste

Erica Feucht

We all realize that our actions have an impact. 

And as a company, we see that our actions have larger ripples because of the scale of our impact. We want to do our part to make sure each of our choices makes the world a better, brighter place. Realizing that every decision has an impact, we want to leave this planet a better place than we found it.

Wanna #breakupwithplastic?

Us too. Let's do it! Plastic is a terrible choice for our planet. Glass is recyclable and can be broken down. It's made from silica and biodegrades. Jason wants to find a way around the necessity of the plastic cap. And now that we have an ideal cap on our bottles, we can more easily move toward that goal. It'll take time, but every purchase here supports that step. 

Eventually, I'm sure plastic will be banned. But we'd rather be proactive than reactive. We want to lead this charge, not make changes because we're forced to do so. 

We frequently examine our processes to look for ways to eliminate waste

Our recent release of the Lavender Bath Tea was the result of looking at our process and realizing we could reduce our waste and repurpose our tea. The teas are used to make our deodorant extra-effective against bacterial stink culprits (for more info, check out our blog post The Science of Stink). But since we don't soak them in water, a bunch of the goodness of the tea is still available as a bath tea.

We're looking for more ways to reuse products and are currently working on a way to make it easy for you to recycle your bottles. Keep an eye out for more of our journey to zero waste through product releases and new programs we'll be implementing. 

Caring for our planet is more than just a fun idea. It's imperative for ensuring this place can take care of our children and their kids. Here's how to become zero waste:

5 Ways to Reduce Your Waste

1. Stop buying plastic resealable bags

Replace them with wax paper, Bees Wrap, paper bags, or upcycle your old T-Shirts by turning them into no-sew bags. I have personally done this and I love it. I carry everything in old T-Shirt bags, or just use a Rubbermaid container instead.

2. Say "No" to straws and throw-away cutlery

Start carrying those essentials with you. We LOVE our Final Straws. We also carry a set of silverware with straws for us and our little one. We got these, and there are lots of other options. 

The one challenge we've had is learning to be proactive to tell waiters and baristas that we don't need straws or cutlery. Sometimes we end up with it anyway, and while we then return it, we're pretty sure they just throw it away.

3. Bring carry-out containers with you

You can get an assortment of carry-out containers for bringing with you. Or just use the containers you store leftovers in at home. Think about how much trash you'll avoid just by reusing containers.

4. Choose non-plastic packaging wherever possible

OF COURSE we have to say this. We are changing deodorant by producing it in glass containers. There are other huge offenders, too, like shampoo and conditioner. We're intrigued by LUSH and other beauty brands that have introduced shampoo and conditioner bars. 

5. Carry a water bottle, reusable coffee cup, etc

The effort to wash it really isn't that bad. You wash cups and bowls and plates at home. Why not grab a stylish, high-performance reusable container of your choice and save the planet while looking good? It's a small change, and it's also likely to make you up your personal hydration game. 

What are your favorite zero-waste journey hacks? We'd love to hear them. So often, we gain inspiration from you!


  • Posted by Beth on

    You all are amazing. I love your deodorant and love that you are looking for ways to reduce your waste. I’m sure you have thought if this but just in case you haven’t….. It would be GREAT to reuse your glass bottles! Maybe offer up a discount to those willing to return or reuse the glass?? I know this would mostly benefit locals but it sure would be a great way to help save the enviroment and reduce, reuse and recycle. Just a thought. Thanks foe being so awesome

  • Posted by Jane on

    I agree with Beth about reusing the glass bottles. Those with a subscription plan could use the shipping box to return clean empties to you for reuse. I just started using shampoo and conditioner in aluminum bottles that have this as their subscription plan (Plaine Products). And since we now have the perfect sprayer, subscribers could reuse that and you could ship fresh, full bottles with just a lid.

    Your company and its values are just one reason I love Pit Liquor. You guys are awesome. Thank you for a wonderful product and your dedication to serving others and saving the planet.

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