Logos, scents, and formulations may change, but one thing always stays the same: our commitment to quality and safety. Our vetting process for ingredients remains as strict as always. We use 100% pure essential oils. And we test on our CEO—not animals. 

No toxic chemicals, no synthetics, no chemical extractions, no propylene glycol, no talc, no phthalates, no parabens.


Signature Scents Updates

Every formulation has been evaluated and tweaked for effectiveness and scent balance. In many cases we have increased essential oil strength, in some we have added additional oils, and some we have changed the balance of the existing ingredients. Nourishing Jojoba oil has been added to everything.


Here's a cheat sheet of changes:


Whiskey Cedarwood is now Cedar + Fir

New ingredients: Cognac oil, Fir Needle oil, Jojoba oil

Cedar + Fir has an added dimension of fresh sweetness from the addition of fir needle. The cognac provides a subtle hint of richness at the base of the scent and increases staying power. Jojoba acts as a skin softener and adds to the longevity of the scent.


Coconut Rum with Lime is now Coconut + Lime 

New ingredient: Jojoba oil

Jojoba acts as a skin softener and adds to the longevity of the scent.


Whiskey Black Pepper is now Black Pepper + Clove

New ingredients: Ocotea Oil, Jojoba oil

This scent is warmer and deeper, while Ocotea adds a slight cinnamon scent (known as "False Cinnamon" this ingredient is gentle on skin). Jojoba acts as a skin softener and adds to the longevity of the scent.


Whiskey Vanilla is now Bourbon Vanilla 

New ingredient: Jojoba oil

Stronger Vanilla. Jojoba acts as a skin softener and adds to the longevity of the scent.


Whiskey Lavender is now Lavender + Laurel 

• New ingredients: Lavandin oil, Buddha Wood oil, Laurel Leaf Oil, Ho Wood oil, Jojoba oil


Lavender is the dominant note in this scent. The Laurel and wood oils were added because in combination, they smell similar to Lavender, but last longer, and layer in a slight earthy note underneath the Lavender. Laurel is a bright scent, Buddha and Ho Wood are woody and slightly sweet. Jojoba acts as a skin softener and adds to the longevity of the scent.


Just Vodka Unscented is now Simply Unscented

New ingredient: Jojoba oil

Jojoba acts as a skin softener and adds to the longevity of the scent.


In addition, we’ve added two popular former Limited Editions to the permanent line: Sandalwood + Neroli and Blue Lotus, which both have the addition of Jojoba oil.


The addition of more ingredients means that you will see more oils in the bottle. They can pick up the colors of the steeped botanicals in our vodka and whiskey bases, so some have a greenish or dark tint. Rest assured that's the power of Mother Nature, and give your Pit Liquor a good shake to mix it all up! As a natural hand-made product, contents will separate, and you want all that goodness to go on your pits, where it belongs.



Other things to note about our "glow up" that may be helpful for long-time customers...

• Our website has been redesigned to be simpler to use, which means that all sizes of a scent are now grouped together onto one product page. Step one: pick your scent. Step two: pick your size. We still have 100ml Spray, 50ml Spray, and 50ml Roll-On offered in all Signature Scents.

• Pricing on our Signature Scents remains the same, despite a higher volume of essential oils in our formulations. 

• Our Limited Editions have gone up slightly in price, to account for cost of goods. Because we produce these in smaller quantities, they are more expensive to make, so we had less wiggle room here. 


We are always interested in your feedback and here to help with any ingredient or allergy questions! Drop a comment below or an email to pitpals@distilledbody.com. Thanks for being with us on this journey! 

Shena Lee


I am SO HAPPY that Neroli Sandalwood made the cut as a permanent addition. It has been my absolute favorite for some time (though I adore vanilla too).

— Megan

I’m glad you’re considering how to refine your products. I do wish you had a citrus forward scent. These have always worked with my body best and are a lot lighter than the other things you have available. The lime is nice but I feel like the grapefruit accomplished this better. Been a customer a long time, this is the one thing that hinders me. Waiting for the limited runs in hope of a citrus option

— Carla

I started getting your product because of my allergies, so far the changes hasn’t made any of my favorites unusable for me. The simplicity of your product is part of why I love it. Certain scents give me migraines even if it is a genuine essential oil. I hope this continues to be something I can use.

— Megan

Like your product, but have problems with the spray pumps. They quit working after a couple refills. Any way I can just replace the pumps as I prefer to refill bottles?

— Virginia Carr

Love the Jojoba addition to all, as well as some of the other essences added to the original scents. Thoughtful. Growing in sophistication. Each scent has gotten more complex and definitely there’s even more bang for the buck…that your loyal customers certainly appreciate. Can’t wait to see the Limited Editions ending 2022/initiating 2023. (Yes, May Flowers and Mulled Wine were pretty brilliant. Want!)

— Anthony La Russo

Kathleen, the roll on bottles are refillable, but if you have trouble with your hands it could be hard. I managed despite my arthritis; you have to push the top off the bottom somehow. I think there is a video on the website!

— Melissa

I love the roll on, but find the spray hard to use, but.. want to be able to use the refills. Would love refillable rollons. Unless it is snd I haven’t figured out how to refill my rollon.

— Kathleen

Sad to see whiskey pineapple didn’t make the cut. Please bring back limited May Flowers and Mulled Wine with the new formulas, those are my favorites!

— Larissa