The Pit Liquor team joined forces this summer to help Jenny at Busy Bee Lavender Farm harvest this season’s lavender crop. Unlike many other deodorants on the market, we can actually point to where our ingredients come from, and we personally know the folks behind them. In fact, all of the lavender we use in our products comes from Busy Bee Lavender Farm, which is just down the road from our headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Smell it for yourself with our Lavender Collection. Shop pit-quenching, effective products with that gorgeous lavender scent.



Hey Vanessa, thanks so much for being an investor. We’re so excited for you to try Pit Liquor. Look out for an email from our team soon!

— Pit Liquor Team

I am a pit liquor investor. I would like to purchase several Christmas gifts for family . I haven’t tried the products yet and wondered if you have any specific discounts for investors.

Thank you,


— Vanessa Lawson