Coconut Rum with Lime. Berry Pie. We LOVE coming up with fun and fresh new scents for our Limited Edition line. 

But knowing what will be popular isn't an exact science, and sometimes our ideas...well, they stink. Here are the Top 5 Rejected Limited Edition Scents.

Dog Paw Tacos--Who doesn't love dogs?! So we had the great idea to bottle that sort of corn chip smell of dog paws. Turns out that even dog lovers aren't ready to put that smell on their pits, dog gone it. 

Grandma's House--We thought this would bring a wonderful sense of nostalgia. Cookies baking. Cut flowers. Overwhelming perfume. Musty, ancient copies of National Geographic. Mothballs. Blue hair dye. Grandpa. This has all gone horribly wrong! 

Corpse Flower--This one's all about the anticipation. Botanical gardens know that a rare blooming from this flower causes people to line up around the block. It only blooms every 10 years, or so, and the peak time is a short one--just around 10 hours. This sounded like the perfect scent to bring to the people! Turns out this isn't called a corpse flower because it attracts a crowd of people. It's because it smells like dead bodies, sewage, and rotten fish. The corpse flower uses that musk to attract flies, and that's not a feature out customers wanted. So we buried that idea. 

Sink Disposal--We make delicious food. That food usually smells terrific! So why not combine a bunch of delicious food into one scent? Did you ever play that game where someone takes a perfectly good hamburger, throws it in a blender to make a smoothie, and then gives it to you to try? You think it'll just taste like a hamburger. It definitely does not. Because something happens when you do that. Something...evil.

Middle Schooler--"That'll never work!" people told us. "You're fools!" Well we sure showed them...that they were 100% right. It's like puberty hits a switch and the funk begins. How did these creatures that used to have that wonderful "baby smell" turn into...this? Science, I guess. Horrible, back-stabbing science...

Well there they are, our Top 5 Rejected Limited Edition Scents. Thankfully we've learned from our mistakes. You can get our latest wonderful scent right here. And thanks so much for being a customer. We appreciate you even more than a Blender Burger. 

August 25, 2020 — Scott Firestone

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