Coconut Rum with Lime 50ml Spray Deodorant

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Coconut is the star of the show in this rum-soaked dream of a scent. Lime adds just enough zest to mentally dip into the start of summer and offset the round fragrance notes of coconut. Coconut Rum with Lime is a scent that will stick with you throughout the day. Expect to catch a whiff of coconut even as you drift off to blissful slumber after a full day of slaying dragons, taming toddlers, or making a cake walk of the corporate ladder. 

This Coconut Rum with Lime body spray deodorant smells so good, we can't stop smelling ourselves, and we're guessing you'll feel the same way. 

Natural Deodorant made with organic, seductively sweet, edible ingredients. Caution: Incredible aroma may cause relationships and promotions while alcohol kills stinky bacteria and evaporates away making you smell responsible. 

Our most popular Limited Edition has now become permanent! Thanks for letting us know how much you love Coconut Rum with Lime. It's here to stay!

Patent Pending.

50ml spray bottle (lasts 2-3 months)

Wanna help us save the planet and your pocketbook from unnecessary extras? Purchase a reFILL bottle here to keep your stench quenched for more than 7 refills of this bottle (that'll last you well over a year my odoriferous friend).


Coconut, Vodka, Sea Salt, Arrowroot, Lime Peel, Essential Oils, Gentian Root  

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