Whiskey Cedarwood 50ml Roll-On Deodorant

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You loved it so much we decided to keep it around! Our whiskey & cedarwood-scented deodorant is classically woodsy + wild, this forest-inspired fragrance brings the great outdoors straight to your pits! *Virginia Cedarwood essential oil lends to a rich, dry, woody aroma that becomes drier and sweeter with a subtle touch of whiskey.

Let out your inner lumberjack (or Jane!) and experience the wondrous aromas of the great outdoors…but from the comfort of your own home of coarse!

*allergy warning

Virginia Cedarwood is part of the juniper family, those with known allergies to pine/juniper are advised to skip this one. After-all, no one wants rashy pits!

**This product may be photosensitizing. But what does it mean??? That fancy pants word means you should avoid direct sunlight to areas product is applied to. Those areas might be more sensitive to sunlight and likely to burn more easily. So while we know how much you all like walking around with hand in the air like you just don’t care... your pits smell GREAT after all! We kindly ask you contain the pit party as we don’t want you to feel the burn, literally from the sun! Ok? Ok!

Pit Liquor: Sophisticated deodorant that simply works without any gimmicks or caveats. Check out satisfaction guarantee and refund policy here.

Patent Pending.
50ml roll on (lasts 3-4 months)


Vodka, Whiskey, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Greek Mountain Tea, Sea Buckthorn, Gotu Kola, Umckaloabo, Elderflower, Gentian Root, Sea Salt, Arrowroot.

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