Pit Liquor 370ml Deodorant Refill

Our Refill bottles enable you to order once and save money, time, shipping, and your ecological footprint. Bottle is glass, contains our beautiful Pit Liquor natural refillable deodorant, and is closed with a cork closure, then dipped in wax. We recommend being SURE your bottle is firmly closed after each use to avoid spilling and evaporation of Pit Liquor. Evaporation would reduce the efficacy of the deodorant.

Shake well, grab a funnel, simply twist the wax top to open, and refill to your heart's content. If you need a little help, check out this video.

*This bottle will automatically ship ground due the to size of bottle. You'll find this to be great savings over paying for bottles individually and having them shipped to you one at a time. Other shipping methods will be refunded when selected during checkout. 

Includes one 370ml bottle (each scent sold separately). One bottle will refill your 100ml spray bottles 3.69 times, and will refill your 50ml bottles 7.5 times. 

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