Past Limited Edition Scents

We don't wan't you to have full FOMO but we'll be the first to tell you, our past scents have been pretty bomb! We love to experiment and try new innovative smells to get those pits in state of stench-free bliss. Our inspirations range from sitting down and craving a cookie (uh, hello mint chocolate heaven!) to that fresh smell of earth right after a rainfall, you just never know what's going to inspire us next! Check out all our past limited editions below.
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2019 Limited Edition Releases

{Cherry} Pit Scented

This sweet, classic cherry 🍒 scented deodorant is as lovely as it is effective. Cherry pits bring in the "Gotcha!" factor from our April Fool's Pit-Scented joke. Thanks for playing along. Thanks for laughing with us.

June 2019 Double release: Smoke n' Spice & Eucalyptus Citrus

June 2019 was a big month! We were bold and released not one, but two brand new limited edition scents!
Smoke n' Spice is fresh and deep. The smell of wood smoke combines with cardamom in whiskey for a perfectly "woodsy" smell that is freshened gently with a hint of citrus. You'd been asking us for a smoke and whiskey combo for months, and we were finally ready with a very tiny one-time release!
Eucalyptus Citrus was orange first, with a dash of lemon and eucalyptus in whiskey. This one's most notably scented with that juicy lovely orange fragrance we all love. The background note of eucalyptus is grounding and fresh. Juicy, fresh, and clean. This aroma is pleasantly fruity. We love how the orange lingers long after the whiskey fades leaving a fun, fresh splash for summer.

Pineapple Upside Down

This stranger things inspired scent smells like mom's pineapple upside down cake after it got mixed up with your uncle's finest whiskey. Whiskey forms the base of this deodorant lending an oakey undertone and pineapple sweetens the deal with a fresh splash of summer. We whipped out some Astro Pops and rocked out to Cyndi Lauper while we donning our fanny packs and very big hair, getting in the Stranger Things spirit.
Our favorite Stranger Things mom/babysitter Steve would probably most definitely wear this one if he was headed, well, anywhere. But especially if that place had an upside down. All bottles were snatched up before the demogorgons could!

Whiskey Old Fashioned

Classic, classy, timeless: The Old Fashioned brings the aroma of a bygone era back for a spin. High quality rye whiskey, a hint of orange and some deep Luxardo cherry notes create the perfect start for your day. Do something extra. Wear the eccentric hat. And toss an old fashioned on your pits. A bit over the top? I guess that depends on who you are.

This Limited Edition felt a little extra special since it highlights whiskey so beautifully, so we turned over every stone until we found the PERFECT whiskey barrel bottles for this fragrance only. Imported Italian glass bottles so pretty and so well-fitted to your hand, you'll be reusing it for as long as you can. We were pretty stunned by these beauties. Since the glass took several months to order from Italy, there was no "Batch 2" for this scent.

Chai Spice

Chai Spice was our first limited edition to be brought back a second year! Cinnamon, allspice, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, and cardamom blended in rye whiskey lend a warm, cozy smell to your autumn and winter days. This bad boy is a fan favorite for fall, keep an eye out, it's probably coming back!

Maple, Cranberry, Rosemary

Maple leads the aromatic journey on this homey, comforting scent. Rosemary lends a clean slate in the background and cranberry brightens the palate. Whiskey backs it up with a warm, oak aroma. This smells like Thanksgiving in all the most beautiful ways and brings thoughts of family and dear friends gathered warmly around tables of lovingly-prepared food to cherish moments and memories together.

We know not all Thanksgiving dinners go down so idyllically. Yeah, we've been to an awkward Thanksgiving or two, too. But if you imagine the most picturesque feeling of warmth and fond memories with people you love, this will be the fragrance that accompanies that feeling. This was the quench-essential "Throw on a sweater and give your pits a freshen up" to get you in the holiday spirit.

Pine & Peppermint

Fir tree and peppermint are the perfect winter combo to combat that mid-winter slump. Warm and comforting, like a roaring fire in a log cabin, with that cool refreshment of the falling snow outside. Plus an added bonus, peppermint bring the chill in - but in a refreshing way!

2020 Limited Edition Releases

Rose in Champagne

We really "rose" to the occasion here! A vodka/champagne combo forms the base of this delicate, rose-scented deodorant. A fresh bouquet of roses and a glass of champagne are a perfect pairing. The rose fragrance comes from the rose buds and rose essential oil only. A beautiful work of art and our first first fan favorite! Y'all love this one so we bring it back every year around Valentine's day, nothing says "I Love you" like a bottle of deodorant!

Whiskey Body Positive Mint

Close your eyes, now imagine the smell of cracking open your brand new box of Thin Mint cookies. That blissful smell of chocolate with a hint of peppermint... not good at imagining things? Yeah me either! So go buy yo' self a box of Thin Mints and take a whiff!

THAT + Whiskey = our new limited edition

You love your sugar cookie body scrub, your gingerbread lotion, and that one candle (you know, the one you light when you're feeling delighted by the day) the one that makes your whole house smell like fresh cookies. So remind yourself all day about the beauty and joy of a Thin Mint. We use real cocoa extract and actual peppermint, no fake stuff here. Just pure pit positivity!

Thin, thicc, petite, tall, we're here to support you all by quenching that stench!

Piña Colada

"ba..da..da..dum... If you like Piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain"

You'll be singing that song all day with this limited edition scent! We mixed our coconut vodka with the sweet smell of pineapple, our new take on the scent so many of you fell in love the previous year: Pineapple Upside-Down. With a new normal thanks to COVID-19, we decided to take you on that much needed vacation we all deserve (but can't have).

You liked it so much we brought it back for Christmas in July!

April Showers bring May Flowers

Fresh, earthy, floral tones bring you into a calm headspace where you have room to think, let your thoughts wander. Spritz and be taken away to a field of wildflowers with rain on the way. Shimmery and beautiful, this one's full of whimsy.

The world has been a stressful place and we all need a few minutes to heal and feel well again. This limited edition is designed with that purpose in mind. Shake the bottle and be entranced by our eco-friendly mica based glitter. Then spritz - and let scent sink in, feel the stress lift, even for a moment. And walk out rejuvenated.


1. Bubbly & sweet
2. Always makes you feel better
3. Refreshing...for your pits!

That's how we'd describe this limited edition scent! With a soft, sweet, yet subtle hint of champagne paired with fresh oranges to brighten your day - what more could you ask for! So if you were looking for an excuse to start your day with your favorite brunch beverage, we've got you!

Berry Pie

July felt like the perfect time to enjoy some pie! This limited edition had a blend of sweet strawberries, fresh cherries, bright black berries and ripe raspberries with a vodka base. Refreshed pits have never smelled so good!

Plus with the 4th of July we thought it was time to bring some sparkle back into your life. That's right, we brought back our eco-friendly mica based glitter to give your pits some razzle dazzle!

Irish Coffee with Amaretto

We really wanted you to indulge your pits with the wonderful blend of French Roast, smooth whiskey, and a touch of amaretto. Rich tones of roasted coffee bean are surrounded with accents of oak aged liquor with a touch of sweet amaretto to round it out. Smooth yet subtly sweet, you'll be in coffee shop heaven from the second you spritz!

We guarantee you'll like it a latte 😉

Amber & Falling Leaves

Fall is in the air and you can feel the weather is changing, leaves are falling, the air is cooler. Embrace the season with our latest limited edition - Amber and Falling leaves! This beautiful blend has a full-bodied and resinous aroma with intense earthy undertones. Paired with the our classic smooth whiskey you're in for a true treat!

Warm whiskey Cedar

Warm Whiskey Cedar is a classically woodsy + wild scent. This forest-inspired fragrance brings the great outdoors straight to your pits! Virginia Cedarwood essential oil lends to a rich, dry, woody aroma that becomes drier and sweeter with a subtle touch of whiskey.

Let out your inner lumberjack (or Jane!) and experience the wondrous aromas of the great outdoors…but from the comfort of your own home of coarse!

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