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Introducing our all-natural hand sanitizer.
Hand Liquor

We wanted to do our part in helping folks find piece of mind in this crazy new world we're all living in. We've switched up our deodorant game and have been hard at work making hand sanitizer!

Now Available

It's liquor for your hands, otherwise known as hand sanitizer and it's made entirely from the body-friendly, germ-unfriendly ingredients you've come to know us for. 😁

We've adjusted our Pit Liquor formula to make this one specifically for the hands. Of course, Pit Liquor ALSO works just as well to sanitize. Since we are a company that is fortunately still in business & happens to have bacteria-smashing vodka on hand, we want to do what we can to help! With your help, we are also offering as many FREE bottles as possible, both from us and your in kind donations made through our site.

Each day we'll be offering FREE bottles exclusively available on our site. While we wish we could offer thousands for free, we are also a very small business. Due to high demand we aren't accepting waitlists but high recommend signing up for our emails (subscribe above) as you'll know exactly when products are live to grab on our site!

Many kind souls have asked how they can help us with our current mission so we have made it possible for all of you to donate bottles of hand sanitizer as well! All donations will be turned directly into free bottles available for others in need to grab.

Thank you for being part of this weird, hard time in our history. We're getting through this all together and people helping each other is a key to making it to the other side with our hearts and dignity intact. ❤️

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