Coconut Rum with Lime Travel Size Roll-On Deodorant 30 ml

Coconut is the star of the show in this rum-soaked dream of a scent. Lime adds just enough zest to mentally dip into the start of summer and offset the round fragrance notes of coconut. Coconut Rum with Lime is a scent that will stick with you throughout the day. Expect to catch a whiff of coconut even as you drift off to blissful slumber after a full day of slaying dragons, taming toddlers, or making a cake walk of the corporate ladder. 

30ml lasts 1-2 months.

Wanna help us save the planet and your pocketbook from unnecessary extras? Purchase a Refill bottle here to keep your stench quenched for more than 7 refills of this bottle (that'll last you well over a year my friend).


Coconut, Vodka, Sea Salt, Arrowroot, Lime Peel, Essential Oils, Gentian Root


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