LIMITED EDITION Mulled Wine Refill

  • $75.00
  • $80.69

Say hello to fresh snow, curling up in front of the fire, and festive holiday cheer with Pit Liquor’s Mulled Wine natural deodorant. Our sweet and spicy concoction contains all the ingredients you need for the perfect holiday season—and none of the ones you don’t. Cinnamon, clove, orange peel, and allspice each bring their own sensations to this cheerful gala-in-a-glass-bottle while concealing its secret, bacteria busting weapon—overproof vodka spirits. 

With a few spritzes of our powerfully strong Mulled Wine natural deodorant, you can get real close with friends and family this year. Say “Bah! Humbug!” to bad bacteria and let the fragrant mulling spices work their magic.


Ingredients:  Vodka, Mulling Spices (Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Cloves and Allspice), Gentian Root, Arrowroot