LIMITED EDITION Pear and Cardamom 100ml Spray

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Juicy, fresh pears are delicate and subtly floral with earthy undertones and cardamom adds exotic travel-inducing vibes to this clean, refreshing deodorant scent. Sink into a book and travel far on a cool spring day with a spritz on your pits. You and Elizabeth Bennett could watch the clouds roll by and enjoy something real and grounding. Rain and sunshine seem to come together in the pear notes while cardamom grounds the scent with a sense of place. Fresh, clean, and real, this scent is the perfect thing to transition from winter to spring. As the ground springs forth with new life, you're awakening with it to the expectant joys of summer. 

We don't use artificial fragrance, so this pear & cardamom deodorant smells like an actual pear with a side-note of cardamom. 

This product contains ingredients from our usual ingredients list, found here:

100ml bottle lasts approx 4-6 months


Pear Vodka, Cardamom Essential Oil, Gentian Root.

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