It’s time to give some credit to one of our MVP’s, Jojoba Oil. It’s one of the powerhouse ingredients in your Pit Liquor and one of the many reasons why our formulas have lots of added benefits.  

You may have been asking, what’s all the hype about? The truth is, when we re-formulated our new signature line, we couldn’t NOT use it in our new scents. It’s just that good. Let’s talk about the most superior of all natural oils, let’s talk Jojoba oil. Read on to be blown away. 


The Jojoba plant grows in the dry regions of northern Mexico, Southwestern U.S., and desert areas in the Middle East. The jojoba plant is actually 50% oil and its chemical composition is similar to the consistency of wax. This fact is pivotal to one of Jojoba's superpowers, which is a long shelf life. As a natural fungicide our favorite oil is resistant to mold–making it a superb ingredient for Pit Liquor.


We could go on and on all day about what sets Jojoba oil apart! For starters, it’s unique because it mimics our skin’s own natural oils.  And if you know us, we are all for keeping what’s natural, natural. 

Jojoba is a natural emollient, which means it contains properties that help soothe and moisturize. This is ideal for your pits if you are prone to dryness, itch, or irritating burning in the underarm area. It’s also a non comedogenic substance, which means it lacks the potential to clog pores. It's so gentle that it can be used on the face in skincare applications.  

To top it off,  Jojoba oil is nutritive to our skin with vitamins A, D, E and Zinc. It’s non-allergenic too, so no need to worry if you have sensitive skin.


So why does Jojoba oil beat out Coconut oil? We’re big fans of breathable airy pits and Coconut oil won’t allow for that. It’s pore clogging, which is why you may want to save it for the kitchen. Unlike Jojoba oil,  Coconut oil is not a NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor), which aids your skin’s immune system in keeping the bacteria out. We thought that was a solid reason for choosing Jojoba oil as our right hand man. 


Another perk for you and us at Pit Liquor is that Jojoba oil is a carrier oil,  which means it takes on the scent of its immediate environment. And we thought Jojoba couldn’t get any more magical! This component has an impactful effect on the essential oils in our formulas, keeping them long lasting and absorbing well into skin. 

There you have it. The nitty gritty on Jojoba oil. What are you waiting for? Go grab your Pit Liquor with all the amazing Jojoba benefits! 

Hanna Boeckenstedt


PLEASE bring back (and make PERMANENT) JASMINE, COCONUT VANILLA!!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

— Jasmine