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“If your product is made with alcohol, won’t I smell like I’ve been drinking?”

Do you really think we'd be a company if our product made you smell like last nights last call? To simply put, no, you will not smell like Captain Jack Sparrow after applying Pit Liquor. While our product is indeed made with whiskey and vodka, the actual alcohol will evaporate off of your skin much like hand-sanitizer. All you’ll be left with are the fresh scents added with a slight oak undertone from the whiskey barrel! Just think of any non-drinking alcohol you use on a daily basis. Hand sanitizer doesn’t leave you smelling like an irresponsible human (though most are made with toxic ingredients and contains poisonous glycol, among other things). Pit Liquor is organic ethyl alcohol and has no special properties that make it boozier (yes, boozier is a word, you’re welcome) except it is safe enough for your body, chemically speaking.


“Is this product safe to use for pregnant or nursing moms or their kids?”

WHERE MY MOMMA'S AT?! You all are queens, wear your crowns (you earned it), & quench that stench! Pit Liquor is absolutely safe! Because the alcohol evaporates off your skin you run zero risk of it absorbing into your skin. While most young kids don’t really need deodorant, hormonal women sure do. This deodorant was invented to solve this exact problem for the founders during Erica’s first pregnancy. Looking for entirely non-toxic, totally effective deodorant left them up a creek, desperate and quite frankly stanky, they turned to something safe enough to put in a human body. Whiskey. Made from edible ingredients, whiskey is a great solution posing no risks whatsoever.


“I love the idea of your product, but don’t want to fully commit just yet, do you have samples?”

You know we would if we could! Unfortunately we do not, the reason we don’t offer samples is you're going to need a good amount of product to be able to consistently use and know if it’s working for you. All of the sample bottles we’ve tried have been too small to deliver the right amount of deodorant. But don't let this stop you we do, stand behind our products 100% (check out our guarantee here). If you buy the product and it's not everything you’ve been hoping for, please reach out to our team at pitpals@distilledbody.com and we will work with you to make things right. As you’ll note in our plentiful reviews, we have awesome customer service and perceive that as a pillar of our company. So go ahead, let us know how we can better serve you! We’re all ears, or eyes and typing fingers, ya know.


"Do you use fragrance?"

Fragrance is a bit of a bad word around here. The term "fragrance" is used in a lot of body products to hide chemical laden ingredients. That's why we choose to clearly list all our ingredients, stated in their naturally derived from. Real things like lavender, black pepper, and cloves are steeped in their raw form. Any essential oil used is thoroughly researched to make sure they are made using real ingredients, we only want the finest going on your pits! With that being said, natural scents will fade much quicker. But don't worry the scent may fade but you'll still be stench free!


"Where can I find Pit Liquor? Do you ship internationally?"

You can find all the awesome stores who carry our products by clicking here. Not seeing one near you? Know a wonderful store we should be in? Kindly request them to carry us! As for international orders, we currently only ship within the United States & Canada. We hope as we grow we'll be able to make our product more accessible globally.


"How long does a bottle last?"

This is a GREAT question! This will very slightly from person to person. Some like to drench their pits to create a hurricane of stench quenching goodness others like a quick spritz/roll for a nice pick-me-up. Neither is wrong but it will affect the longevity of your bottle. On average... 100ml bottle (that's our largest spray) will lasts 3-4 months 50ml bottle (that's our mini spray OR large roller) will last 2-3 months 30ml travel size (that's our small roller) will last 1-2 weeks.


"Should I order a Spray-On or a Roll-On? ...also, Which is better starting out?"

Ah yes the age old question, to spritz or roll... Well my friend, there isn't a right or wrong answer here, it truly comes down to personal preference! Maybe you're the type of person who likes the feeling of knowing exactly where the product is going. Or perhaps your looking for something that you can throw in a purse or gym bag for that mid day pick-me-up, the roll-on is perfect for you! The roll-on offers the comfort of knowing exactly where and how much you're applying at any given time, plus the smaller size means you can take it anywhere to stay stench free! But maybe you're looking for something truly sanitary. I mean for real, have you thought about how gross the tops of deodorant actually get...they were in your pits! Or maybe you have a large family of sharers - the spray is perfect for you! Since it's a spray you can share and guess what?! It's not weird (unless you make it weird) and you can keep using it! Plus you get to enjoy the most sanitary experience of all, no swiping, wiping, finger mushing... you get the gist. A spritz is multi-functional too, spritz your pits, shirt, shoes, just no yoo-hoos... you catch our drift? One of a few deodorants you can feel free to share with family, friends, & that stinky guy at the gym... yeah you know who... No matter what you choose enjoy the same great product with the freedom to apply how you want, when you want. Oh? Did we forget to mention? You can reapply anytime and not have to worry about that gross funk + deodorant smell you'd get with other brands. Remember, Pit Liquor kills odor causing bacteria. Which means you get to bask in the that stench free glory anytime, anywhere! And if we're being perfectly honest, when starting out try our spray first. The whole completely sanitary thing is a great place to start!


"Are the Roll-On bottles refillable?"

Why yes, yes they are! We know they look complicated but we promise that inner white cap is easy to pop off! Check out our handy "how to" refill video here! "What is your return bottle program?" Here at Pit Liquor sustainability is at the forefront of each and every product we produce. That's why we use glass bottles, recycled materials when shipping, & offer a return bottle program! To learn more about how to return your old bottles click here.


"Is your product safe for use by children & teenagers?"

Ah puberty, a time in everyone's lives when your hormone monster takes over and the battle to quench your stench begins. To answer simply, yes. Pit Liquor certainly can help your kiddos battle their new found odor in a safe, natural way. We also denature (make it taste REALLY bad!) all our products to make them safe to use and sell to all people regardless of age. Don't forget, Pit Liquor can be used on shoes and apparel too! Stinky cleats, jerseys, ect are a thing of the past! Keep their gear fresh with a few spritz of Pit Liquor. "Can't I just buy a bottle of Jack and spray that on?" While we know it sounds simple enough to visit your local liquor store, buy a bottle, and save a few steps but we promise it won't do jack! The reason you can't simply buy your favorite whiskey and slap it on is that they don't have high enough alcohol contents. You need true high proof alcohol to effectively kill bacteria. And in order to keep bacteria from coming back, you'll want more antimicrobial ninja's on your side. We achieve this with our special blend of herbs and teas, all antimicrobial fighting machines, steeped directly into our liquor!


"Is Pit Liquor an antiperspirant? Or does Pit Liquor help control sweat?"

Pit Liquor is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant. There really isn't a natural way to create antiperspirants and we believe sweating is a natural function of the body that shouldn't be stopped. However, that shouldn't mean you have to stink which is where Pit Liquor comes in! We do add several antimicrobial ingredients that help keep the pits a bit drier and some customers report that Pit Liquor helps control sweating but that is not our main goal.


"Are your products gluten-free?"

We know it seems strange, "how can a product made of wheat be gluten-free?" but it is! The alcohol we use has been distilled to a point where all proteins and sugars have been converted into alcohol. This means that none of the gluten protein is left in the alcohol at our high proof. We do want those of you with severe allergies to consider any reactions you may have had to similar products when considering purchasing our Pit Liquor.


"Can I use Pit Liquor if I shave my armpits? Won't it burn because it's alcohol?"

This is a great question! Pit Liquor can be used on shaven pits. But look, we believe in full transparency so we won't lie, it might sting a little (or a lot) based on your sensitivity. If you are worried, give your pits some time to dry after you've shaved. Freshly shaven pits are more exposed and your skin has micro abrasions from the razor causing any stinging to be more apparent. Similar to rubbing alcohol on a scrap or hand sanitizer on a paper cut. Your body is capable of amazing things and generally speaking after a few uses the sensation will diminish and/or go away completely. Quick upside to powering through, ever have razor burn? Well that's caused by bacteria, you know what kills bacteria?! Pit Liquor...Pit Liquor kills bacteria. Buh-bye razor burn! You're welcome!


"Can Pit Liquor be used on other parts of the body?"

Look we know some brands want you to put their product everywhere, but we're not one of them. Area's of the body that are Pit Liquor approved: Your pits (uhm duh) You're feet ( mind blown🤯) You're apparel (oooh that's fun!) We know from time to time you may experience funk in other areas like your "no-no zone". But please don't apply Pit Liquor to sensitive areas, it is alcohol after all, the burn is real. Don't say we didn't warn you!


"Did you know the name Pit Liquor sounds like Pit Licker?"

Yes Karen, we're aware. It's called a homonym, you choose to hear/do what you want! We won't judge.


Question about your subscription? We got you!

"I recently signed up for a subscription, how can I edit it?"

To access your subscription, click on “Log In” icon located in the upper right, once logged in you’ll find how to edit your subscription. If you haven’t already created an account on our site you will need to do so, after you’ve logged in you will find your subscriptions on your account page and be able to edit the items, timing, and cancel if need be. If you run into any issues please contact pitpals@distilledbody.com and we can send you a direct link to your subscription!


"I have too much product or need to skip, but I don’t remember when my next order is going to be. How can I change this?"

Don’t worry, you can change the frequency of orders at any time! You can log into your account by clicking “Log In” located in the upper right. There you can change that date but you will also be emailed 3 days prior to your next auto-renew for you to edit or cancel the order through that email.


"I really love your limited edition scents, can I add them to my subscription or change my current subscription to one?"

At this time we don't allow subscriptions to be changed to limited edition scents, due to the nature of limited edition scents & quantities available, we can’t guarantee that the limited will be around by the time your subscription is updated. We highly recommend ordering limited direct from our site when they become available.


Need to know more about our Rewards program?

“How do I know if I’m receiving rewards?”

Great question! Simply follow the steps below too find out if you’ve been receiving rewards or if you’d like to start receiving rewards. First, log-in to your account on our site. Once logged in, click on the yellow “rewards” icon on the bottom right hand of the screen. If have been receiving rewards you’ll see your points balance, ways to earn, and what you can redeem then for. If you don’t see your points be sure to sign up! It’s fast and easy, you’ll be on your way to discounts in no time! That's it! “How do I earn points?” Earning points is easy, earn your first 200 just by signing up! You can also earn…. ✓ 1 point for every $ spent on your order ✓ 50 points for sharing our products on Facebook or Twitter ✓ 50 points for simply ‘’liking” us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! ✓ 100 points for celebrating a birthday! Yay (Happy Birthday!) ✓ 300 points for leaving us reviews on our website!!!


“What do I get for earning points?”

You and all your awesomesauce will receive redeemable REWARDS! 250 points earns you $5 off your next purchase (you’re so close to your first reward just for signing-up!) 300 points earns you FREE shipping on you next purchase 500 points earns you $7 off you next purchase 750 points earns you $10 off your next purchase 1000 points earns you $12 off your next purchase 1500 points earns you $15 off your next purchase 2500 points earns you $25 off your next purchase Save’em up or spend them as you earn them, it’s up to you!


“I love your product and want to share it with friends, do you have a referral program?”

First things first, thanks for wanting to share the Pit Liquor Love! We offer a pretty sweet referral program in the rewards app. Once logged in, simply scroll down in the app and you’ll see your own custom link to share with friends, family... really whoever you want! The person you share it with will get a custom code for 15% off their purchase but you’ll get an extra sweet deal when they place an order! It’s so good we’re keeping it a secret, want to find out what it is? Get to sharing to find out!


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