Pit Express: Pit Liquor Happenings

  • Why Zero Waste and Sustainability Matter

    From the very beginning, Pit Liquor founders Jason and Erica Feucht have been passionate about sustainability. Locally sourced ingredients, glass bottles, recycling, and low carbon emissions have been part of Pit Liquor’s growth at every step.  Making an Impact As a company, we see that our actio...
  • Gender-Neutral Deodorant?

    There’s a lot to sift through when you’re shopping for a new deodorant. It needs to be effective, first and foremost, because, well, that’s the whole point. You’re also looking for a scent that you like and that feels like “you.” One thing that shouldn’t limit you in your deodorant selection? Your gender.
  • 5 Myths About Deodorant

    Natural deodorants are like the wild west. You never know quite what you’ll find or how bad the BO will be. Enter Pit Liquor, your solution to natural, stench-quenching magic. You might be trying Pit Liquor for the first time (or the 100th!), or still be on the fence about making the switch. Eith...
  • One Of These Things (Pit Liquor) Is Not Like The Others.

    Hate natural deodorant? So did we until we created Pit Liquor. Find out why other natural deodorants don't make the cut and what makes Pit Liquor different.
  • Science of Stink

    Ever wonder why your pits smell so bad? We did too, and our founder Jason's research led us to a few discoveries about the science of stink. Prepare to be amazed.