If there’s one thing we like to preach to the rooftops, it’s that the ingredients that fill your bottle of Pit Liquor are ones that do more than just make you smell good.

It’s certainly true – our aluminum-free, whiskey powered scents do wonders for your stench and of course free your pits of toxins. But recently, we’ve been raving about all the handy, unexpected ways your deodorant can serve you — including the special functional benefits you’ll get from each bottle. Yep, our formulas are concocted to not just quench your BO, but also provide perks that level up your life. 

Today, we’re picking up where we left off and breaking down the details on all the functional magic happening in your more-than-just-deodorant bottle, this time for our classic Cedar + Fir scent. It’s grounding, woodsy and fresh, and has some surprising must-know benefits. Let’s discuss, shall we? 

Your Little Dose of Nature In a Bottle 

Have you ever gone off grid for a weekend? Maybe you pitched a tent at a remote campsite completely out of cell signal? Your wind down routine consisted of evenings by a cozy campfire taking in the calm serene setting and the delightful aroma of the pine trees. After wrapping up the weekend, you feel undeniably refreshed and recharged. This is no coincidence, nature has powerful regenerative healing properties!

And that just so happens to be one of Cedar + Fir’s strong suits. The Cedarwood essential oil we use in our formula promotes stress relief and ease of tension –  very much replicating the peace you crave when you’re out enjoying the solitude of the woods. It has the power to relax the mind and body, making it just what you need to get your calming nature fix even on your busiest days. 

Additionally, when applied topically, the Cedarwood essential oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory, known for aiding sore muscles and knots. 

Try spraying Cedar + Fir on your wrists, then distributing on your pulse points to induce relaxation. Use it as a little secret weapon to combat stress and ground yourself, and smell heavenly while you’re at it!

Your New Best Friend During the Winter Months

Fir Needle essential oil is packed with surprising benefits. Let’s start with the fact that it can be particularly useful in the winter months as a respiratory aid. 

A study on the matter confirmed that Fir Needle essential oil is effective for lingering cold symptoms such as sore throat and cough. This may be the result of the oil’s ability to loosen mucus and clear airways. 

A natural way to feel better? Count us in. The next time you’re under the weather, maybe make Cedar + Fir your go-to scent for the week. Better yet, with sick season usually being around holiday time, why not turn to a festive scent that reminds you of the season’s joy? Spray in living spaces and on your pillow to potentially speed up the healing process! 

How cool that your deodorant has perks that go beyond your pits? If you haven’t read our Blue Lotus and Bourbon Vanilla editions, you’ll want to head there next. By the end of this series, your Pit Liquor stash may be a little out of control as you find the functional benefits of each scent are just too good to pass up. 

You know you want to, give Cedar + Fir a go.
Hanna Boeckenstedt