Warm, sweet, cozy, sophisticated – should we go on about all there is to love about top seller Bourbon Vanilla? 

We’ve seen the reviews and we are just as obsessed as you are. It’s effective, gender-neutral, a perfect choice for the winter season, but did you know there’s more to love about your deodorant-filled bottle of heaven? If you raved about our recent blog, The Hidden Health Benefits in Your Pit Liquor: Blue Lotus Edition, you’ll want to stick around, because Bourbon Vanilla doesn’t just smell delightful, it also has some functional-magic (as do all Pit Liquor scents) that are sure to make you want more of it in your lineup. Deodorant that’s versatile? What a concept. 

Just when you think Pit Liquor can’t get any better, you’ll be surprised how handy it becomes in the most unexpected ways.

Pit Liquor Makes You Happier? Tell Me More… 

Besides the way Pit Liquor elevates your deodorant game and leaves you looking forward to every spritz, it just so happens that Vanilla essential oil is known for its mood enhancing properties such as lowering stress and inducing relaxation. Research has shown its link to stress-relief through aromatherapy, and also its merits for promoting cognitive focus. 

So whenever you need to calm the nerves, or maybe crush a job interview, grab your bottle of Bourbon Vanilla and it might save the day. Don’t just use it on your pits – spray on wrists, neck, clothes, and you’ll have done your due diligence of quenching your BO and getting your mind right.  

Use it to Get in the Mood 

You heard that right. Vanilla essential oil has natural aphrodisiac effects, making your bedside table the perfect place to stash a bottle of Bourbon Vanilla. This is likely contributed to its happiness-boosting characteristics and Vanilla’s role in stimulating oxytocin – the love hormone! 

Spray it in the bedroom or use it on your bedding to curate the perfect moment for all your romantic endeavors. Like we said before, who says Pit Liquor just has to be for your pits?! 

A Powerhouse for Skin 

Vanilla essential oil isn’t just used as a scent, it’s also jam packed with tons of the good stuff for your skin. Its antibacterial properties along with the abundance of B vitamins contributes to protecting your skin from natural toxins in the environment, so you can feel good about putting it on your pits. 

It’s also been known for soothing burns, wounds, and irritation from shaving. Try a DIY body scrub with vanilla essential oil, and make sure you use a carrier oil (like jojoba oil) to mix in with and layer onto your skin for the ultimate nourishment. 

At Pit Liquor, we intentionally pack our formulas with purposeful ingredients so you can experience amazing benefits in just a couple of luxurious sprays. Are you itching to try Bourbon Vanilla yet? Do yourself a favor and pick it up here. Don’t believe the hype? Check out our reviews and if you don’t love it, your first bottle is on us!

November 02, 2023 — Hanna Boeckenstedt

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