From the very beginning of Pit Liquor, we’ve set out to make formulas that don’t compromise the health of consumers.  It’s how our founder Erica came to the realization that she needed a better solution through her pregnancies — she was fed up with the ‘natural’ products on the market, they weren’t effective and they were still hiding behind blanket industry terms. In the end, there wasn’t anything that made the cut. Probably similar to your natural deodorant journey, Erica went through many stages of disappointment as a deodorant consumer. 

The question still remains though, why are regulations in the deodorant industry so lax? Or… why is the same ingredient that’s in antifreeze in something we use everyday to keep our BO under control? This sounds pretty horrific, and since we’re well into October, it seems appropriate to expose some more of the spooky things you’ll discover in conventional, and even acclaimed “natural” deodorants. You’ll understand why we had to conjure up our own solution.

And while we love to hype up our badass, truly non-toxic formulas, today’s focus is exposing some scary (but avoidable) things you’ll find in your mainstream deodorant aisle at the local drugstore that, quite frankly, sends chills up our spine. Tis’ the season after all. Luckily, you’ll be glad to have made the switch to Pit Liquor after you read these disturbing truths. Read on for pit-saving news. 


In simple words, phthalates are potent man-made chemicals that are very present in many consumer products. Typically, phthalates are used to make other ingredients more flexible, make plastics, and also extend the life of fragrances. As you know, fragrance on labels is a problem in itself, meaning the product could contain an unknown and unregulated amount of nasty chemicals – this is typically where the phthalates hide. 

It’s easy to skim over the word fragrance on labels and think, “Well, I wanna smell good, right?” and throw it in your cart. While it seems harmless, do yourself a favor and challenge yourself to find products with recognizable, straightforward ingredients like essential oils.  

You’ll want to take a peek at the health concerns associated with phthalates on the Environmental Working Group’s website here. 


Parabens are chemical preservatives used in personal care products and (yes it’s true) the food we eat. They are used as stabilizers for increasing shelf life, and have been shown to have health implications on our hormones, reproductive systems, and more. It’s easy to spot parabens in products – you’ll see the actual word “paraben” at the end, such as Propylparaben or Isopropylparaben. While parabens have antimicrobial properties to prevent bacteria, continuous exposure can have problematic health consequences. 

It’s likely that you’re exposed to parabens just by going about your morning routine. The good news is, becoming educated on these sneaky ingredients in everyday products helps you to revise and refine. You can rest assured that Pit Liquor contains nothing of the sort – so you can check deodorant off the list when searching for a paraben-free solution. 

Propylene Glycol 

This ingredient is another one to be wary of. It’s found in tons of deodorants and beauty products. It’s used as an emulsifier, mainly for the purpose of a smooth application and enhanced skin penetration. 

The off-putting thing about propylene glycol is that it’s derived from natural gas or petroleum, which is a common cause for irritation and allergic reactions. Remember the antifreeze honorable mention? Turns out you can find propylene glycol there and in your daily body products too…. yikes. We’ll spare our pits on this one. 

The Pit Liquor Way

When we think of all a deodorant should be, the standards are high. At Pit Liquor, we challenge ourselves to live up to the following expectations: meticulously crafted obsession-worthy scents, a solid vetting process set in place to ensure quality and safety, and carefully sourced ingredients that bring actual benefits to your pits, not a lousy formula filled with questionable fillers. Because you deserve to smell good without the BS. 

If you’ve been with us for a while, we know you’re over the natural deodorant scaries. So send this to someone who needs the FYI. And in honor of the spooky season, take 15% off for you and them with code SKIPTHESCARIES. 

October 12, 2023 — Hanna Boeckenstedt


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