There’s a lot of focus on the harm that toxic deodorant can do, and we are so proud to offer you a product that’s free of all the crap you’ll find in most deodorants (including many so-called “natural” brands)—but did you know that all of Pit Liquor’s ingredients are actually good for you?? We source ingredients that are non-toxic, yes, but they all have functional benefits for your body and mind. 

As a top-seller in our Signature Scent Line, Blue Lotus is one of our strongest and most effective scents. With its fresh floral notes and irresistibly grounding qualities, we’re not surprised this one consistently delivers on the 5-star reviews. Its unique layering of Blue Lotus, Green Tea, and Plai essential oils is blissful, and it was truly a magical epiphany when we decided to add it to our permanent line. Check out The Story Behind Blue Lotus

Since the raves are out on Blue Lotus, you’ll be stoked to know just how much more there is to love about what’s inside that glass bottle of heaven –  as a matter of fact, our formulations have some pretty marvelous benefits that make Pit Liquor more than just a deodorant in your day-to-day. Today, we’re honing in on all the functional benefits that live in your bottle of Blue Lotus—get ready to level up your wellness routine. Better sleep, less anxiety, meditation aid anyone? 

Think You Tried It All for Sleep? Think Again.

Blue Lotus Essential Oil is magical for many reasons. Beyond the fact that it comes from a water lily, one of the benefits this ancestral flower is known for is its ability to induce sleep.

If you think you’ve tried it all when it comes to getting a better night’s sleep or you just want a new spa-like ritual before bed, try spritzing your Blue Lotus on your pillow before hitting the hay. That’s right, Pit Liquor busts BO and may help you get those Z’s. Bask in the soothing aroma to help wind down. And while we’re on the topic of the bedroom, Blue Lotus is also known to potentially offer some aphrodisiac effects, though medical research hasn’t confirmed. However, the plant was traditionally used in ancient Egypt for sexual ceremonies. 

The Ultimate Stress Reliever

Traditionally used in Eastern medicine and even current Ayurvedic practices, Blue Lotus has two active, naturally occurring alkaloids that promote anxiety-relieving effects. The compound Apomorphine stimulates dopamine, which produces feelings of happiness and calm and Nuciferine relaxes muscle cells, also creating a calming effect. 

Yep, just by putting on your Pit Liquor, you’re getting those amazing stress-relieving benefits. This is why Blue Lotus essential oil is popularly used as a meditation aid as well. Next time you need to recenter or just need to curate some zen vibes, grab your Blue Lotus! Spray on your wrists and around you in the air to experience a dose of calm, and always take a bottle on the go to relieve unexpected stress! 

Other Surprising Benefits in Pit Liquor’s Blue Lotus… 

Our Blue Lotus formula also contains Plai essential oil, which has naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties that is credited to ease pain like muscle aches and headaches. Better yet, Plai oil has loads of germ-eliminating properties making it a great natural cleaner. That’s right, ditch your Febreeze and use your Blue Lotus for a home air freshener or a go to hand sanitizer. 

You’ll also find Green tea oil in your bottle of Blue Lotus, which does all the good things for the skin. It works to moisturize and soothe, and is known as an antibacterial agent to unclog pores, deter acne, and maintain collagen. Is this the skincare ingredient we’ve all been longing for?!

It’s Your Lucky Day… 

Have you hopped on the Blue Lotus bandwagon yet? We have good news. Get 15% off your next bottle with code “BLUELOTUS” for a limited time. Not only will Blue Lotus be there for your BO-quenching needs, but you may find it becomes a staple in the most unexpected, life-enhancing ways. What are you waiting for? Grab it here. 

Hanna Boeckenstedt