Usually before something gets added to our permanent line, we test it out as Limited Edition—sometimes more than once. We’ve gotta make sure you love it! Not the case with Blue Lotus.

We had formulated it as a Limited Edition, and were set to release it, while at the same time working on our new Signature Scents line. We had one spot open in the lineup and in a moment of total alignment, looked at each other... “Blue Lotus?” “Blue Lotus.” “Yep. Done.”

It is that good.

Since we released it, Blue Lotus has proved to be one of our most popular, effective, and long-wearing scents. When Erica happened upon the mixture of essential oils - Blue Lotus, Green Tea, and Plai, it was a sun-breaks-through-the-clouds moment. We loved all the scents individually. Blue Lotus on its own is heaven. But layering them together creates a light and complex scent that can truly be called “spa-like.” It’s cool, oceanic, and floral in a very gender neutral way. It’s one of those scents that you crave once you’ve smelled it.

Blue Lotus has a storied history in ancient Egypt as an aphrodisiac and mild hallucinogen (when ingested, in much larger quantities than it’s present in Pit Liquor!). In modern times, it’s known as a sleep aid and anxiety reliever. One of its chemical constituents is used to treat Parkinson’s disease, because it stimulates dopamine receptors in the brain. No wonder it smells so damn good.

Have you tried it yet?

October 05, 2022 — Shena Lee


Gia Tyree said:

This is probably the best scent and my fave up to date my first one was the Pine & peppermint & the Cedarwood these are my faves that are effective and the coconut & the pineapple & vanilla ones are def NOT the ones I cared for please keep this locked in as an all year scent coz it’s the best and did I say my fave please I need it in a 100 ml my fiancé ordered the fig one because out of stock on the Blue Lotus but we haven’t received the fig substitute order yet unless he didn’t really order it can u please check his name is Michael Dicarlis TYSM ♥️ most of ur stuff have a great day Monslay

Kit M said:

Oh yes I was so happy you guys added this permanently, before it was I bought a backup just in case. I love the blue flower decal on it though. I would love if you guys brought that back on it, it’s so beautiful. The flower makes it look like a very expensive bottle of perfume and smells like on too. I’m not to into florals but this has enough of a perfumy tone that it smells amazing! It’s my favorite scent yet. Before I opened the box I could smell a hint of it and it smelled so good! Awesome job guys!

Joanna said:

The Blue Lotus is amazing! I’ll definitely want to order it again. I spritzed it around the bed and the room spells like a relaxing spa.

Dani Liddicoat said:

I’d really love for y’all to offer this scent in a sample/travel size!?!I really want to try it, but I’m often not fond of floral scents on myself, so I’m hesitant to buy a full size bottle. I’m currently fighting through another floral scented bottle.. I feel like I smell like the inside of my granny’s purse.. It’s def not the vibe for me LOL. I’m more of a pineapple or strawberry basil lemonade type of lady. 😅 But the sandalwood neroli is one of my most faves! So sometimes it’s hit or miss… I need a sample! 😂💙

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