When there are SO many amazing options, picking a scent can be tough. We wish this screen was scratch ‘n sniff. That way you could smell tropical Coconut Rum with Lime or the musky bite of Whiskey Black Pepper. They’re both intoxicating in their own unique ways, and hard to forget.

If you’re on the hunt for your new favorite scent, you’re in the right place. Check out our top tips to find your new daily routine staples.


Overproof liquor is the hero of our deodorant. Is there a difference between the type of alcohol used (whiskey or vodka) and how they work? And which should you choose??

We have two different overproof liquor bases for our deodorants—pure Vodka, and a Whiskey-Vodka blend. Whiskey adds an oaky, warm scent that mixes and mingles with the essential oils and botanicals used in our scents, and adds a powerful stink-fighting punch. Both types of alcohol will knock out the bacteria in your pits that cause BO, but since everyone’s body chemistry is different - some folks will find one alcohol base to be more effective at stink-killing than the other. 


 Another piece of the fresh-making puzzle - essential oils. Essential Oils aren’t exclusively used for scent, they have distinctive healing properties for your pits and can fight bacteria too. We select all of our high quality essential oils based on their superior efficacy, health benefits, and of course - elevated, amazing smells. Just like the alcohol base, some oils will work better for some bodies.


Most Pit Liquor works for most folks, but because everybody's chemistry is different, some folks may need to do a little trial and error. That’s why we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and our friendly and knowledgeable Pit Crew on hand to make sure you end up happy and stink-free. If you have any questions or need help problem-solving, reach out at pitpals@distilledbody.com!

All of our ingredients are chosen to be safe and smell great, but most importantly - because they have science-based stink-fighting properties. Here are some standouts:

A truly effective stink-killer, Whiskey Cedarwood or our Limited Edition In The Woods both feature aromatic Cedarwood, which has a plethora of anti-microbial properties that will kill off unwanted bacteria and get rid of BO. Cedarwood is also a base note, meaning it will linger on your skin to keep you woodsy and fresh.

For sensitive and rash-prone skin, Whiskey Vanilla is like cool rain on a hot summer day. Vanilla is loaded with B-vitamins that play an important role in maintaining healthy skin. Vanilla has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to soothe and calm irritated skin. 

The beachy tropical Coconut Rum with Lime is a cult favorite. The Lime oil adds an acidic element that kills off bacteria so it not only smells like vacation, it packs a truly powerful punch you can count on to give bad bacteria the boot. 


One of the best things about Pit Liquor is that you can layer the scents to create your very own scent-sational masterpiece. Snag a couple of bottles and make your own! 

Some of our staff favorites are:

  • Whiskey Lavender and Whiskey Vanilla: All the light freshness of Lavender swirled with the rich and comforting scent of Vanilla. Feels warm and familiar. 

Have you tried mixing it up? Let us know what your favorite scents are to layer in the comments below!

Lo Fountain


Would love to try vanilla and lavender together. Love both those smells. I love vanilla abd chamomile. Dont have one of those do you? I would love to have a price page so i could otderdifferent ones. Also so glad a ftienfmd of mine and a great customer of yours has got me on this. What a great idea for deodorant!!!!

— Ellen Butler

Coconut Rum w/Lime and Pear Cardomum surprised me in working the best instead of my usual go to scents of lavender and vanilla.

— Rachel

Irish Coffee with Amaretto – hands down my very favorite.

— Jill