There’s a lot to sift through when you’re shopping for a new deodorant. It needs to be effective, first and foremost, because, well, that’s the whole point. You’re also looking for a scent that you like and that feels like “you.” One thing that shouldn’t limit you in your deodorant selection? Your gender.


Men’s vs. Women’s Deodorant

Stroll down the deodorant aisle at your favorite store and you’ll notice the deodorant bottles are clearly divided. On one side you’ve got pink and light blue with flowers, sweet smells, and powdery freshness. On the other side you’ll see strong AF bottles of fresh mountain air and old spicy goodness. It’s like the 1950s called and wants you to pick your gender. 

You’re not the only one to notice that most companies heavily categorize deodorant by gender. And the real question is, why? Nobody genders toothpaste, after all. But drop down from teeth to armpits and suddenly your gender matters deeply. We call bull. 

“One of the main reasons there are distinctions between deodorants marketed towards men and women is because it makes sense from a marketing and financial standpoint for the companies who make the products.” (

We All Have BO

Bodies of all genders have armpits, and they all work the same way. Your apocrine sweat glands produce protein-rich, sugar-coated sweat which provides the perfect food for the bacteria lurking in your pits. Bacteria feasts on this sweat and leaves behind a trail of stink.

And while this does happen because of hormones, it doesn’t matter which ones your body is producing. Every body has it’s own unique cocktail of hormones, eats a different diet, and has varying skin sensitivities. We don’t shake out into two categories of stink, (it's actually much more complicated than that) and our preferences for flowers or musk definitely doesn’t have anything to do with our biology.


So does Gender really not matter?

The short answer—it’s up to you! Gender expression is personal and nuanced, and your deodorant company is not here to define you or your choices. Are all scents really for all genders? Absolutely. You like what you like. Does that mean there aren’t masculine and feminine scents? Culturally we are conditioned to think of some smells as masculine, and others as feminine. But scents and our take on them is as unique as our fingerprints and lived experiences. What matters is not whether something is masculine or feminine, but that our gender is not defined by the scents we wear.


Unisex Deodorants

The good news is that we are not actually in the 1950s anymore. There is a growing cultural understanding that gender is not the be-all-end-all to determining what you buy. Thankfully, modern brands are catching on.

Unisex deodorants represented 18 percent of U.S. deodorant launches last year, up from 10 percent in 2008, according to Taya Tomasello, director of beauty innovation for the Americas at market research firm Mintel.” (Chicago Tribune)


Deodorant For All Humans

From the beginning, Pit Liquor’s goal has been to create scents that appeal to PEOPLE. Our formulations are for all humans, with powerful ingredients to kill bacteria and stop BO where it thrives—your pits. We think the most important thing we do is give you the freedom to choose a deodorant that works without the compromise of toxic chemicals. Which scent should you pick? Whichever one you like. 

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March 27, 2022 — Melanie Allen


Rainn said:

Thank you for being inclusive to all.

I’m Trans and as someone that genuinely doesn’t feel masculine or feminine and wants to remain gender neutral, this is wonderful! Thank you for helping me come closer to living more comfortable in my own skin and not having to buy products like those in Walmart or target.

I’m in my transition process but finding new scents body washes deodorants undergarments so focused on social constructs just makes me so uncomfortable. Don’t take the bigots seriously, they are understanding or caring about other folx genders and their happiness/equality.

Thank you so much!!! You’ve earned a supporter!

Keshia said:

As a woman who doesn’t want to smell like powdery flowers I second this! What you want to smell like shouldn’t be dictated by the colors on packaging or whether the label has a wolf or a daisy. Keep up the great scents and I will continue to support this company!

Ben said:

Thank you so much for discussing this. Deodorants should be for all and scents don’t have a gender. Seeing you write about this makes me happy to support your business.

Saskia said:

Thank you for recognizing the fluidity of gender, and the silliness that any particular scent has a gender. I’m a cis-woman who loves the scent profiles traditionally marketed to masc-identifying folks. I found Pit Liquor through the wool& 100-Day Dress Challenge community, which is mostly femme. Finding the products, aesthetics, and lifestyle that are right for you shouldn’t be limited by anything.

You’ve got my loyalty! I forwarded the email linking to this blog post to a bunch of people in my life because I love it so much, so here’s hoping that for every narrow-minded customer you lose, you gain at least a few progressive ones.

Joe said:

Ditto what Thora said.

thora said:

Hi there,
I love your products but I am so so so tired of the whole political correctness, politicization of everything (including now what you put in your armpits) and weaponization of language. I’m adding you to my list of companies not to support. You realize that the whole gender issue comes right out of the communist playbook, right? Study some history – Oh, you can;t because they are erasing history so we don’t know this communist agenda comes from.

I wish you all the best . Your products are super fun and I will use what I have up.

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