Ever wonder why your pits smell so bad? We did too, and our founder Jason's research led us to a few discoveries about the science of stink. Prepare to be amazed.

Why Do Armpits Stink?

We're glad you asked.

It's not just sweat that makes us stink. It's a complicated series of events involving the bacteria under your arms plus your own hormones and sweat. It's like your armpits are hosting a wild, raging party for bacteria— without your permission.

The Perfect Party With the Worst Guests

Babies don't stink when they sweat. Neither do young kids. But then, puberty hits and all of a sudden it's game over.

When puberty strikes, your body kicks into action some formerly-dormant glands known as apocrine sweat glands. These sweat glands produce protein-rich, sugar-coated sweat: AKA bacteria's favorite food. Combine that with the warm, moist, dark environment of your armpits, and you've basically just circulated a hot pink flier around Bacterium High School announcing a party in your own armpits.

The worst thing about the party is that you've unwittingly invited the worst guests. Apocrine sweat provides the perfect food for bacteria, and in return, bacteria excrete waste (yep, basically bacteria poop) all over your armpits. It's that waste byproduct from the bacteria that leaves you stinky.

Problematic Solutions

Some natural deodorants lean on baking soda to cut the foul aroma, but that comes with its own problems. These pesky bacteria actually thrive in a basic environment and baking soda is pretty basic. (It is a base.) So while the baking soda deals with the bacteria poop, it does nothing to kill the bacteria itself. Baking soda's reaction to the bacteria can also cause itchy pits and rashes.

The Real Solution: Vodka and Whiskey

The merits of liquor at parties can be debatable. But in this case, Pit Liquor's over proof vodka and whiskey shut down the bacteria festivities taking place in your pits. Alcohol kills bacteria, cutting off the armpit stink at it's source rather than just acting as a short-term solution. And our other ingredients are powerful plants oils, arrowroot, and salt that post a perimeter and keep an antimicrobial barrier in place to dissuade future bacterial residents from joining. 

Why liquor? Liquor is made with copious government oversight, and whether it's whiskey or mouthwash or the gas in your car, all are the same substance known as ethanol. Whiskey and vodka are more heavily regulated because we consume them, meaning the consumer knows what they're made from and how. Unlike drinkable liquor, many ethanols are made without clear insight into the base product. And you may be surprised to discover that these less-regulated versions of ethanol, like petroleum, show up in your body and personal care products. Pit Liquor's choice of overproof, locally sourced liquor is regulated, clean, and safe for your body.

Pit Liquor is safe enough to eat*** and crazy-effective at the same time. Next time you ask yourself "why do my armpits smell and how can I stop it?" check out our selection of effective natural deodorant.

We know you love Pit Liquor for all the best reasons, and the bottom line is that the sweet cocktail inside your bottle is like a high-octane powerhouse for your pits. So what are you waiting for? Replenish your own stash or share with a friend.


***Technically safe enough, but you shouldn't actually drink Pit Liquor. We use natural denaturing ingredients to make it unpalatable. It is considered legally denatured, which simply means it tastes bad enough to not be considered consumable, which is why you can find it on store shelves without a liquor license and your ID isn't checked for buying it.***



Apologies, I stand corrected. Customer service above and beyond. I left a true as the time scathing comment about my order that was paid and ordered on 12-31-23. 2 month later I had not gotten it, after many attempts to get a hold of someone ir fell on deaf ears. After hearing of the near shut down of the company by the previous owners who had zero business experience and watching to much Shark Tank. Hollie a current employee with the old and new owners personally drove to my home what product she could gather. I look forward to the new owners and Hollie get the company back on track.

— Kurt Georgeades

My daughter told me about pit liquor. We both have a large community of unwelcome arm pit guests and needed a strong defense. Put liquor is effective and I have noticed less swollen armpit glands now that they are no longer clogged by using “off the shelf” style deodorants. Very pleased with the organic elements in Pit Liquor.

— Christine New Pering

I decided to switch to natural deodorant and PitLiquor made it a pretty easy and less smelly process. I recently ran out and had to go to the store to buy another brand of natural and instantly regretted it. There’s a noticeable difference with PitLiquor! Also I really appreciate a glass bottle applicator for that environmentally friendly touch.

— Maddison

Struggled with deodorants irritating my pits, even the natural or unscented versions. Pit liquor has been great. No irritation and actually helps prevent odor. Love the stuff and will try other scents. Now using lavender. Thanks Pit Liquor.

— Stan Morrice