Natural deodorants are like the wild west. You never know quite what you’ll find or how bad the BO will be. Enter Pit Liquor, your solution to natural, stench-quenching magic. You might be trying Pit Liquor for the first time (or the 100th!), or still be on the fence about making the switch. Either way, you likely have some questions. We’re here for you– so take a beat and skim our list of natural deodorant myths.

Myth 1: Antiperspirants are a must.

Antiperspirants work by using aluminum that causes your pores to swell, preventing them from releasing sweat. It essentially plugs the drain in your pits so you don’t release any moisture. While that may feel like a win, this is a problem since the body uses these sweat glands to cleanse toxins from your system. 

And your body isn’t the new kid on the block. Just because you plug your pits doesn’t mean your body is actually going to stop sweating. It will just find other areas to release toxins, increasing your non-armpit sweats. Sweaty hands anyone?

When you quit using aluminum-containing deodorant, you'll have a lot more sweat in your pits for a while. Stick it out. It takes about a week of sustained extra sweating for your body to get used to functioning fully again. 

Still not convinced? Some scientists believe aluminum can cause cancer, particularly breast cancer. We’d like to save the ta-tas and eliminate toxins in our pits, thank you.


Myth 2: I need a special detox.

Many natural deodorant brands will tell you that to effectively switch from a name brand deodorant, you have to detox your pits. They usually mean cleaning out the gunk under your armpits with an armpit mask (yeah it’s a real thing, and it’s a little gross) or by washing your pits with vinegar. We get that you’ve got a million things going and just want your deodorant to work, dammit, without all those gross chemicals. So here’s the honest truth about detox.

You don’t need anything special to detox —just patience and sweat. Actual sweat. The coolest part about Pit Liquor? You don’t have to grin and bear the stink—you can reapply Pit Liquor throughout the day, because the alcohol base kills bacteria at its source, and the liquid formula means no gross build-up. As you get rid of toxins, your Pit Liquor will last longer and longer.

Still on the fence? We’ve got 5 tips to keep you sane as you detox in our Detox article.


Myth 3: All natural deodorants are created equal. 

Nope, nope, and nope. Natural deodorants like to promise two things– they’re made with only natural ingredients, and they are super effective. Some brands offer a list of super natural ingredients, but you can’t even make it out the door after breakfast without smelling. Other brands pretend to be natural but fill their products with so many chemicals that they might as well stock it with the major brands.



In our experience, Pit Liquor is the only brand that actually accomplishes both. Pit Liquor’s bottles are filled with ingredients that you actually recognize, and that are safe enough to eat (but please don’t.) Ingredients like overproof alcohol to kill bacteria, teas to keep that stink-free life going, and essential oils that bring on the big scents, you’ll be basking in your own awesomeness all day long.


Myth 4: Baking soda is my friend.

When it comes to homemade volcanos or natural cleaning solutions, baking soda is the bomb. (Pun very much intended.) But when it comes to your pits? Baking soda is a no-go. Many natural deodorants rely on baking soda to absorb odors, but unfortunately baking soda causes rashes for many people. The craziest part? Baking soda doesn't even work against armpit odor. While it absorbs odors in the back of your fridge, it's powerless against armpit odor.

Unlike other natural deodorants, Pit Liquor uses arrowroot powder in place of baking soda. This non-rash-causing powder helps absorb moisture, keeping your pits happy all day long.


Myth 5: Natural deodorants don’t work for me.

Long days with bad smells and terrifyingly sweaty pits ring a bell? Stop the shame spiral here. Natural deodorants didn’t work for our team either– that’s why we created Pit Liquor. Unlike other natural deos, Pit Liquor uses a patent-pending blend of overproof alcohol, arrowroot, teas, and essential oils to stop stink in its tracks by killing bacteria before it has a chance to smell. So no, natural deodorant isn’t the problem– it’s that bogus blend of chemicals and baking soda that’s making you stink. Ditch the fake stuff and use Pit Liquor. 

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March 23, 2022 — Melanie Allen

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