Why Your Sweat is Sexy

Abigail Scott

When You Sweat, It’s Hot

Literally and figuratively. It’s hot, temperature-wise but sweating is also hot because it means your body is healthy, functioning, and thriving. Somewhere along the way, we received a message that sweating is not sexy, but rather something to be ashamed of, something to hide. 

But it’s time we all agree - that’s crap. We’re going to sweat without shame and we don’t have to stink while doing so. Neither do you. Here’s everything you need to know about the benefits of sweating and how to stay healthy and stay sweaty without stinking up the sauna.


Why is sweating good for me?

Humans are warm-blooded mammals, meaning that we rely on our body’s internal systems to keep our temperature at a balmy 98 (ish) degrees (R.I.P. greatest boy band ever). Receptors on our skin sense the temperature of the air then tell the hypothalamus that we’re about to get all hot and bothered if it doesn’t do something quick. 

The hypothalamus prompts the sweat glands to start working, and voila, we begin to glisten. As sweat evaporates off the skin, the body cools down. Sweat inherently doesn’t stink and, in fact, it’s a signal that your body is working just as it should. 

Sweat does all these awesome things without us having to lift a finger: 

  • Releases toxins
  • Cools body quickly and efficiently
  • Because sweat contains urea (a natural moisturizing factor made in the body), sweat actually hydrates the skin and improves its texture.
  • Eliminates excess salt from the body, decreasing our risk of kidney stones
  • Encourages us to drink more water 


What does body odor come from?

Many believe that body odor and sweat go hand-in-hand, like Cheech and Chong, Frodo and Sam, or Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. However, it is possible to have one without the other. 

Our skin houses millions of bacteria on its surface - the good, the bad, and the perpetrators of putridity. Certain strains of bacteria consume proteins released in our sweat, then excrete it back out, causing us to smell like - you guessed it - shit. 


Treat the problem, not the symptoms.

Conventional antiperspirants work to clear the table of your bacteria’s favorite snack - your sweat. Aluminium-based deodorants plug our precious pores with aluminum salts so that sweat ducts are no longer baking up bacteria’s daily bread. 

Because the personal care and beauty industry convinced us all that sweating from our armpits is unsightly, gross, and animalistic, we now resort to exposing our skin and body to harmful, toxic chemicals. All in pursuit of pits that resemble the Sahara. 


Use antiperspirant at your own risk. 

When antiperspirants first took the stage during the Victorian era, people really hush-hush about their bodies. They grabbed at a new acid-based, aluminum chloride deodorant they could apply to their pits - forget about the burning, inflammation, and redness it caused!

We can’t blame them. We have no idea what sorts of madness we’d be driven to if we had to endure boning corsets and sexual repression. So why are we still exposing our sensitive systems to chemicals all in the name of appearing to not sweat? 

Over the past few decades, studies have linked aluminum to memory loss disorders and cancer. What’s more, we really haven’t been studying the effects of aluminum long enough to know what other harm this poison may cause. At the very least, it’s a metal that we are encouraging our pores to soak up - on a daily basis


We’re not sorry for sweating any more. 

Knowledge is power, and now you know that around a century ago, advertising agencies and antiperspirant companies and a stifled, body shaming, turn-of-the-century mindset told us that we shouldn’t ever get caught sweating it. We were convinced that we’d be unattractive, unsightly, and unkempt if our underarms sweat dared to make themselves known underneath our silk sleeves.  

Your body is good and healthy because it sweats. *Mic drop*. It’s working hard for you, so that you can explore, play, and soak up this beautiful place we get to call home. 

At Pit Liquor, we believe that all humans were born to sweat, but they don’t have to smell stinky. Our denatured alcohol-based formula kills the bacteria responsible for ripeness, but it doesn’t clog your pores or block your sweat glands from doing their damn thing. Pit Liquor’s all natural formula is made with five simple ingredients, including sweet-smelling essential oils, that treat your armpits kindly. 

So get out there, pal. Get your sweat on and love your body in all its perspiring perfection. While you’re at it, toss that aluminum deodorant in the can and pick up some Pit Liquor. Your underarms will thank you.


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