What is “That Stinks!”? 

Like death and taxes, certain elements of a life well-lived are just plain guaranteed. Body odor and situations that metaphorically stink are two others we simply can't avoid. While we've found a solution for the former, the latter will always be a fact of life.

Because misery loves company, we’ve set up a way to commiserate with you and spin your disaster of a day into a golden ticket. Pit Liquor’s “That Stinks” program is an ongoing contest in which down-on-their-luck-denizens can submit a story in which they came up bust, tried and failed, or completely shat the bed. Every month, we’ll choose a winner and reward said hopeless hero with enviable prizes.


How to enter

Have a bad day. Drop your brand new iPhone in the river. Forget to put the car in park and watch it destroy the neighbor’s picket fence. Get dumped by your long-term partner or duped by the “Prince of Nigeria”.  Whatever it is, if it totally stinks, send it in, here. 


Previous Winners

If your story gets chosen, we’ll shower you with prizes and share your stinky story across our social media (with your permission, of course). 

May’s “That Stinks!” Winner: Nora

Nora shared that motherhood, and all its intricacies, can sometimes stink (poopy diapers included). While each and every child is so worth it, we wanted to let Nora know that she isn’t alone in her parenting plights and she deserves a break. We presented Nora with a spa gift card, bath products, and some other personal care goodies so she can nurture herself too. 

June’s “That Stinks!” Winner: Breanna (she/her) 

Breanna caught COVID in June 2020, quarantined appropriately, and now, one year later, still can’t smell. While Breanna can’t suss out actual scented situations, she was certain that not being able to smell for 365 days stunk. This optimistic winner did note that, when her sense of smell returns, she’s not concerned about her body odor because she has full faith and confidence in Pit Liquor (woohoo!). We gifted Breanna more Pit Liquor, flowers, and a take-out gift card. 


Here’s what you can win! 

Prizes vary each month but the winner may receive goodies, Pit Liquor products, and gift cards. You took the time out to send in a personalized story and we promise to do the same, making sure the gift you get can turn your depressing day around. 


Why are we doing this? 

No, it’s not really to sell more deodorant. If you’re here, you probably already enjoy putting our products on your pits (thank you). We want to cultivate a community that actively engages with and cares for one another, even in the stinkiest of times. Most of us live so isolated by our comforts that, when things get uncomfortable, we just don’t know where to turn. 

“That Stinks!” gives our pit pals a place to vent, to gripe, to lament. In return, we get the benefit of knowing our community a little better and taking the time to change someone’s situation. We aren’t paying delinquent mortgages or giving away cars - we can’t right now, but that’d be awesome if we could one day. 

“That Stinks!” aims to line some raw deals with silver, to right some universal wrongs, to exchange a sucky hand for one with an ace, or two. When life hands you the shit end of the stick, we’re here to shout with you, that stinks!

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