5 Stages of Deodorant Disappointment

5 Stages of Deodorant Disappointment

Finding a natural deodorant that works and keeps your body free from toxins, irritants, chemicals is a roller coaster of emotion that usually ends in dismay. You’re forced to buy a ticket to get back on the ride. If you’ve struggled to source a non-toxic, organic deodorant that eliminates stank and doesn’t irritate your pits, it’s likely you’ve experienced the 5 stages of deodorant disappointment.

It’s not me, it’s you.

You board the crowded subway and grab a hand hold only to catch a whiff of garlicy-musk so strong it brings tears to your eyes. You think to yourself that this bout of body odor must be coming from someone else in the packed transit car. You bought this deodorant yesterday, after combing through countless reviews. Yeah, that scent totally belongs to someone else. We’re in a heat wave after all and these bozos probably didn’t do as much investigation into their pit products.

The WTF Stage.

You sit down to lunch with a friend at a cute outdoor patio and reach across the table for the pepper only to catch another pungent whiff. Hint: it’s not your salad niçoise. What the ever-loving hell is going on here, you think as you vigorously pepper your lunch. Why is this new deodorant not working? Should you dab at your ripe pits with the delicate linen napkin across your lap or rush to the bathroom to a quick PTA bath, minus the T and A?

Perhaps-ing your way to Pit Perfection.

On your walk back to your coworking space, your mind starts churning. Maybe you really do need to detox your pits for this natural deodorant to work. Perhaps you just need to wait a few weeks and keep using it, day in and day out for your body to grow accustomed to it. No other personal care products work like that though, do they? Perhaps if you just commit to reapplying it every few hours, you can stave off stink until some magical ingredient kicks in. You pick up another stick on the way back and reapply hurriedly in the drugstore bathroom.

Unbridled Dismay.

You return home at the end of the day only to discover your cat doesn’t even want to nuzzle up against you. You sniff your pits and alas, the B.O. is back, baby, with a vengeance. You make a mug of hot tea, sink down on the couch, and begin to sulk. Bear hugs, conga lines, and high fives disappear in the rearview as you soldier on into a decidedly solitary future.  


Like you, we’ve worked our way through the four stages many times, only to find that the fifth stage – buying another stick of deodorant in hopes of achieving healthy, fragrant pits – was not good enough for us. We decided that we were going to hop off this emotional rollercoaster entirely and make our own deodorant. One that is actually non-toxic. One that works. One that offers people the chance to try it without fear of throwing hard-earned money down the drain.


Enter stage left: Pit Liquor. Denatured vodka and whiskey kills the bacteria that live in your armpits. Within seconds, the light alcohol scent evaporates and leaves behind naturally scented essential oils, like lavender, pear, cedarwood, or rose. Teas, arrowroot, and salt make your armpit undesirable for new bacteria to grow, resulting in good smelling underarms all day long and no chemical regrets. Each body responds better to either the rum, vodka, or whiskey base and we are happy to help you find deodorant heaven.


It’s time to get off this ridiculous ride. You’ve got better things to do. Try Pit Liquor. If you don’t love it, your first one is on us.

July 26, 2021 — Abigail Scott

Talking Scents with Pit Liquor: Lavender Edition

The Pit Liquor team joined forces this summer to help Jenny at Busy Bee Lavender Farm harvest this season’s lavender crop. Unlike many other deodorants on the market, we can actually point to where our ingredients come from, and we personally know the folks behind them. In fact, all of the lavender we use in our products comes from Busy Bee Lavender Farm, which is just down the road from our headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado.
July 17, 2021 — Abigail Scott
Win Pit Liquor and Prizes with our “That Stinks!” Program!

Win Pit Liquor and Prizes with our “That Stinks!” Program!

Pit Liquor’s “That Stinks” program is an ongoing contest in which down-on-their-luck-denizens can submit a story in which they came up bust, tried and failed, or completely shat the bed. Every month, we’ll choose a winner and reward said hopeless hero with enviable prizes.
July 12, 2021 — Abigail Scott
Photo Credit: Renee Preuss for Distilled Bath & Body

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Self Love

Self Love


"Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world." -Lucille Ball

You care about yourself. You know what you love; you know what you hate. You choose your favorite foods, your best dress, your drink of choice. You're a confident and capable human being. But the moment you walk down the personal care aisles at your favorite store, you freeze up. You wonder how to decide which shampoo or deodorant or cosmetic to buy. What if you use your amazing self-confidence to choose your bath and body products too? It's already inside you, you just have to discover how to use it.

Our world full of ads and influencers and strategic product placement can make it seem confusing to choose the best products. And like we've shared with you before, even "natural" products might not actually be natural! So how do you love yourself and your body well?

Start with the ingredients.

Before you place that beautiful bottle in your basket, flip it around and take a look at the ingredients. Are there chemicals or long names you've never heard of? Sulfates and parabens and that mystical catch-all "fragrance"? These kinds of products are hiding all sorts of chemicals that will poison your body over time. Your health and hormones work hard to filter our this kind of garbage every day, so make it easier on them by choosing natural products that boost your health. Find ingredients that you know, and are made from food or natural substances. Look for a short list that includes only what's really necessary, not a long list of additives.

Know yourself.

You already know your likes and dislikes, so dig down deeper to your health and wellness. Perhaps you have a gluten allergy or a history of breast cancer. Maybe you're vegan or allergic to fragrances. You already know this important information about yourself, so filter your body purchases through these conditions. Choose cruelty free or gluten free products. Look for non-aluminum deodorant or fragrance-free lotion. Don't be afraid to contact the brands you love and ask questions, or Google search for specific criteria. Chances are someone else has a similar health issue and has discovered or created just what you need.

Love yourself.

It can be easy to explain away splurging  on your favorite scents or quality products. But the bottom line is that you are worth the cost. You are worth caring for the body you inhabit. You are worth that favorite scent or favorite brand or extra-special item. So go for it. Give yourself the comfort and health you deserve by choosing products that are great for your body and make you happy


Wondering where to start your better-products journey? Find out more about our brand and why we started Distilled Bath & Body in the first place.

February 14, 2021 — Melanie Allen
Pit Liquor Natural Deodorant

You're Worth It


Here at Pit Liquor headquarters, we regularly talk about how much we love our customers. We think you all are pretty amazing for many reasons, and one of the biggest is that you get it. You understand that spending money on yourself for good, quality products matters. And you aren't shy about sharing that with us and with your people.

We also fairly regularly get comments from non-Pit Liquor customers saying things like, "Your deodorant costs how much per bottle?" or "I'm not paying that when I can get a tube of deodorant at the drugstore for $3.99!" We usually chuckle a little and encourage these new friends to give us a try. Today let's take a closer look at why Pit Liquor is worth the splurge:

Cost Per Wear

Our 100ml bottles of deodorant cost $19.95, and last for 3-4 months. This means you actually pay around $5-6 per month for your deodorant. When you consider your lotions, body products, skin care, etc., you regularly pay just as much for a quality wrinkle cream or quality hair products.

We love a good bang for your buck as much as the next woman, so we have a little not-so-secret for you today: You can save money on our deodorant. How, you ask? Well, let me introduce you to our reFILL bottles. These babies hold 370ml each, which is enough to refill your 100ml spray bottle more than 3 times (that's about one year's worth!). Not only does this produce less waste, it keeps you on budget and stink-free for months at a time.

If reFILL bottles aren't your jam, try our subscription program. Subscribe to a product and save 12% off every purchase. That's money back in your pockets and an auto-shipment that saves you mental energy. Fun fact: if you really want to save you can subscribe and save on our reFILL bottles!

Little Luxuries

Out to eat with friends? $40.

Coffee at your favorite shop? $7 per visit

Good beauty and skincare products? $60 each

That subscription box everyone is talking about? $50 a quarter

It's crazy how fast small luxuries add up over time. With our glass bottles, beautiful labels, and fantastic scents, we see Pit Liquor as luxury for your arm pits. This much-maligned body part deserves some love too! Bonus points for looking beautiful on your bathroom counter.

Health Benefits

Need we say more? You already know Pit Liquor is an actually natural natural deodorant. (Or if you didn't you can read about it here!) We pride ourselves on our natural, organic ingredients. With a rising concern about the chemicals in deodorants, we believe this matters most of all. Your health isn't worth saving a few bucks. Period. We dream of a world without cancer or other nasty illnesses, and we see our deodorant is one step toward that goal.


So what do you say? Are you convinced? We sure are! Shop our amazing line of (actually) natural deodorant now and use code THANKS for 15% off through January 18.


January 15, 2021 — Melanie Allen