Here at Pit Liquor headquarters, we regularly talk about how much we love our customers. We think you all are pretty amazing for many reasons, and one of the biggest is that you get it. You understand that spending money on yourself for good, quality products matters. And you aren't shy about sharing that with us and with your people.

We also fairly regularly get comments from non-Pit Liquor customers saying things like, "Your deodorant costs how much per bottle?" or "I'm not paying that when I can get a tube of deodorant at the drugstore for $3.99!" We usually chuckle a little and encourage these new friends to give us a try. Today let's take a closer look at why Pit Liquor is worth the splurge:

Cost Per Wear

Our 100ml bottles of deodorant cost $19.95, and last for 3-4 months. This means you actually pay around $5-6 per month for your deodorant. When you consider your lotions, body products, skin care, etc., you regularly pay just as much for a quality wrinkle cream or quality hair products.

We love a good bang for your buck as much as the next woman, so we have a little not-so-secret for you today: You can save money on our deodorant. How, you ask? Well, let me introduce you to our reFILL bottles. These babies hold 370ml each, which is enough to refill your 100ml spray bottle more than 3 times (that's about one year's worth!). Not only does this produce less waste, it keeps you on budget and stink-free for months at a time.

If reFILL bottles aren't your jam, try our subscription program. Subscribe to a product and save 12% off every purchase. That's money back in your pockets and an auto-shipment that saves you mental energy. Fun fact: if you really want to save you can subscribe and save on our reFILL bottles!

Little Luxuries

Out to eat with friends? $40.

Coffee at your favorite shop? $7 per visit

Good beauty and skincare products? $60 each

That subscription box everyone is talking about? $50 a quarter

It's crazy how fast small luxuries add up over time. With our glass bottles, beautiful labels, and fantastic scents, we see Pit Liquor as luxury for your arm pits. This much-maligned body part deserves some love too! Bonus points for looking beautiful on your bathroom counter.

Health Benefits

Need we say more? You already know Pit Liquor is an actually natural natural deodorant. (Or if you didn't you can read about it here!) We pride ourselves on our natural, organic ingredients. With a rising concern about the chemicals in deodorants, we believe this matters most of all. Your health isn't worth saving a few bucks. Period. We dream of a world without cancer or other nasty illnesses, and we see our deodorant is one step toward that goal.


So what do you say? Are you convinced? We sure are! Shop our amazing line of (actually) natural deodorant now and use code THANKS for 15% off through January 18.


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