Natural deodorant.

A phrase that elicits a range of responses, from curiosity, to excitement, to disgust. You might have noticed a lot of deodorant companies are calling themselves natural these days. We ask you, what does natural really mean? Is it a catch-all for plant ingredients coupled with chemical "fragrance"? Is it just a marketing scheme to sell products? What is the best natural deodorant?

Here at Distilled Bath & Body, we take our natural deodorant very seriously. When we promise you natural deodorant, you get something so natural you could actually eat it. Although honestly, we really don't think you should. Our definition of natural products comes down to three things we ask ourselves with every ingredient.

1. Is it edible?

Petroleum, mold, and poison ivy are all technically natural, meaning they come from nature. But would you eat any of these things? Absolutely not. We believe that you should take as much care with your skin as you do with your diet. So if a product isn't something you'd eat, it's out.

2. Is it found in nature?

It's funny the questions you have to ask yourself, isn't it? We've noticed many companies call their products natural but still use artificial colors, fragrances, or chemicals to augment their product. We say no. If we call ourselves natural, the products we use must actually be found in nature, or like our whiskey, produced using only nature-found, organic ingredients.

3. People don't react to it.

Hey there, poison ivy, we're looking at you. You better believe we don't want your pits getting rashes or unsightly bumps. We thoroughly test our products on a variety of people to make sure our products don't cause a reaction on your skin.

We know it can be confusing navigating through the natural deodorant market, and so we promise to be transparent in our products to help you make the best choices possible. You can find out more information about our ingredients by clicking here. Give us a try and experience the magic of a  truly natural deodorant.



Melanie lives near Raleigh, NC with her husband and three kids. She loves hot coffee, good books, and deep conversations. Connect with her on Instagram via @melaniesallen

Melanie Allen
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