The Pit Problem

You know you want a natural deodorant, and you deserve the very best. A non-toxic deodorant that is not only a BO-blasting power house, but also aligns with your choices for a healthier lifestyle. Sadly, many on this quest for the best natural deodorant find themselves feeling and smelling...expired. Does this unicorn elixir actually exist? It does. Enter Pit Liquor, the fantastical wonder of your deodorizing dreams!

The Pit Solution

Did you know that many deodorants—non-toxic or otherwise—actually contain ingredients that ultimately benefit unwanted bacteria in your pits? Bacteria is what causes BO, it's simple science. Most deodorants fail at their number one purpose by feeding the bacteria instead of killing it.

Not the case with Pit Liquor. This deodorant's careful formulation not only leaves out toxins, but steers clear of ingredients that make your pits a bacteria theme park. Pit Liquor does precisely what a deodorant should do. Why? How? The key is in the name.

Pour up your favorite libation and let's chase it with some science as we examine how the key ingredient of Pit Liquor gets the deodorizing job done and how to get the most out of each spritz or roll on your pits. 


  • Alcohol. As with many brilliant inventions, the premise for using alcohol to eliminate pit stench arose in a stroke of serendipity when our intrepid founders discovered hand sanitizer made a great deodorant on the fly. This turned us on to the efficacy alcohol as a verified bacteria-slaying beast... which fed into the idea of using a far more fun (and no less effective but less toxic) form of alcohol—whiskey. There's more to the Pit Liquor formula and its success in keeping your pit skin happy and the bacteria hanging out there decidedly unhappy, but it's the liquor in Pit Liquor doing serious stink mitigation by zapping the bacteria in your pits. (Raises glass.) "Thank you, Whiskey, thank you!"
  • Specifically, liquor. We know alcohol works, but what about how it's manufactured? What kinds of chemicals and toxins are in hand sanitizer anyway?? We chose liquor because it's safe enough to drink. Unlike many of the potentially toxic ingredients allowed in health and beauty products, our overproof spirits are food-grade and regulated. Pit Liquor kills the bacteria that causes BO without compromise.

  • Always shaken, never stirred. Whether you choose the spray bottle or roller for applying this pit nectar, you'll notice some extras settled at the bottom of the container. Those are the other magical (food-grade and non-toxic) ingredients and every one of them serves a purpose. Shake, shimmy, and swirl that goodness into the alcohol and apply for pit perfection. Let your pits breathe and dry before putting on clothing and you're ready for a stink-free day!

    Worried you'll smell boozy? Fear not. Just as the smell of alcohol quickly fades with hand sanitizer, so does the alcohol aroma of Pit Liquor. 

Your Happy Ending

Now you know why Pit Liquor is the best, most effective deodorant and how to apply for the results you want. Cheers! Your search for the best non-toxic deodorant that works is "mission complete." Unicorn found and it's whiskey for the win!

If you stay fresh with Pit Liquor, drop a comment below with your discoveries of "best practices" for application and use. What's worked best for you?


Laycie McClain lives nestled against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Loveland, CO. It's a handy place to live for a Wyoming native who treasures mountain adventures, a good craft beer, and plenty of opportunities for enjoying the outdoors with her husband and daughter. 


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