10 Unexpected Uses for Pit Liquor

10 Unexpected Uses for Pit Liquor

You probably already know that our overproof alcohol and all-natural ingredients do a great job keeping you feeling clean and smelling good all day. What you may not know is how well Pit Liquor works beyond a traditional deodorant. With the help of some of our biggest fans, we break it down for you below. 


1. Hand Sanitizer

With an alcohol by volume of 70%, Pit Liquor deodorants have the same alcohol content as hand sanitizer. And even better, our products are natural, so you can spray your hands and eat finger foods without worrying about chemicals in your mouth. Carry Pit Liquor in your car or bag and you’re always covered.


2. Shoes and Feet

Whether you’re an avid exerciser or like to wear shoes without socks, smelly feet are a problem for many. Washing shoes can be a pain, or even impossible, depending on the pair in question. And while deodorizing balls or baking soda might help, only Pit Liquor can actually kill the funky bacteria growing in your size 12s. Simply target a few sprays at the insoles and allow to dry. Of course you can spray Pit Liquor directly on your dogs as well, some say it even relieves Athlete’s Foot. Store a bottle in your gym bag so you never have to be embarrassed to take off your shoes again.

3. Boob Sweat

We’ve talked to ladies around the country who sing the praises of Pit Liquor as an effective under-boob stench quencher. The boob sweat struggle is real for chests of all kinds and while Pit Liquor's not an antiperspirant, Pit Liquor's food-grade, organic alcohol base zaps the stink and keeps your bra fresher, longer. Whether you choose a roll-on (make a figure eight around the girls) or a spray for on-the-go freshness, you can rest assured that you’ll smell fresh even after a hard workout.


4. Deodorize Clothing

There’s nothing worse than wearing a freshly dry-cleaned suit or cashmere sweater, only to find it reeks after a single wear. Your new solution? Simply spray Pit Liquor on the area in question and allow to air dry. Your items will be fresh and good as new. Pit Liquor also works on vintage finds that cannot be laundered or on regular-wash clothing to extend the time between washes. To prevent staining, we recommend testing in an unobtrusive spot first, and sticking with our clear Just Vodka spray for light colored items.


5. Rashes or Poison Ivy 

You might be surprised to know how many customers tell us Pit Liquor helped with their rash or skin reaction. We’re certainly not here to talk about weird rashes or give medical advice, but the people don’t lie: Pit Liquor may help with a rash like poison ivy or hives. But please talk with your doctor first and remember to never spray Pit Liquor “down there.”

6. Razor Burn

Razor burn is a nasty little beast that’s hard to beat. Similar to an aftershave, the alcohol in Pit Liquor will kill the bacteria on your skin that contributes to those unsightly red bumps. Used after shaving, you may see an improvement in the condition of your skin over time. For facial shaving, we suggest a spritz or two from our spray deodorant, while for armpits or bikini line, a roller works best. Extra sensitive? Our unscented Just Vodka collection is perfect for delicate skin.


7. Car Deodorizer 

Cars become holding cells for leftover takeout, forgotten lattes, and all that post-workout/practice sweat. Skip the pine-scented cardboard tree and turn straight to Pit Liquor’s deodorizing wizardry. A number of our own employees keep a bottle of Pit Liquor spray in their glove compartment for any unpleasant odors (and as hand sanitizer or a quick deodorant re-apply). Simply spray down the seat or area in question and take yourself back to the fresh scent of a clean car. And if you can stomach it, read all about one mom’s car sick car seat adventure and how Pit Liquor came to her rescue.

8. Outside the Diaper 

Kids should come with a warning label detailing the numerous awful smells that come from their cute little bodies. Any parent will tell you what an unpleasant surprise a literal shit storm can be. Sometimes, things get so dicey that even an entire pack of baby wipes and a fresh diaper cannot eradicate the smell. So when needed, a customer of ours recommended a quick spritz on the outside of the diaper to help quell any lingering odors. Pit Liquor’s completely natural ingredients list means you can feel safe using our products near your child to keep them fresh and clean.

9. Upholstery

Many companies have marketed fabric and air fresheners that spritz away odors, but these bottles are often filled with a cocktail of chemicals. Pit Liquor’s natural ingredients will eliminate odors in your home just like Febreeze, without the chemical side effects. We’ve heard from customers who spritz their dog’s bed, upholstered furniture, and even their pillow before bed. One employee found Pit Liquor to be especially effective on vintage furniture that has that old funk you just can’t eliminate. As with clothing, we always recommend you test an inconspicuous area before you spray the larger piece.

10. Dry Shampoo

We’re as surprised as you are to hear that Pit Liquor works as a dry shampoo. A customer wrote to us recently sharing her delightful experience with PIt Liquor spray as a substitute for chalky dry shampoo, particularly for dark hair. Give it a try and see if your hair stays as fresh as your pits.

January 17, 2022 — Melanie Allen
5 Stages of Deodorant Disappointment

5 Stages of Deodorant Disappointment

Finding a natural deodorant that works and keeps your body free from toxins, irritants, chemicals is a roller coaster of emotion that usually ends in dismay. You’re forced to buy a ticket to get back on the ride. If you’ve struggled to source a non-toxic, organic deodorant that eliminates stank and doesn’t irritate your pits, it’s likely you’ve experienced the 5 stages of deodorant disappointment.

It’s not me, it’s you.

You board the crowded subway and grab a hand hold only to catch a whiff of garlicy-musk so strong it brings tears to your eyes. You think to yourself that this bout of body odor must be coming from someone else in the packed transit car. You bought this deodorant yesterday, after combing through countless reviews. Yeah, that scent totally belongs to someone else. We’re in a heat wave after all and these bozos probably didn’t do as much investigation into their pit products.

The WTF Stage.

You sit down to lunch with a friend at a cute outdoor patio and reach across the table for the pepper only to catch another pungent whiff. Hint: it’s not your salad niçoise. What the ever-loving hell is going on here, you think as you vigorously pepper your lunch. Why is this new deodorant not working? Should you dab at your ripe pits with the delicate linen napkin across your lap or rush to the bathroom to a quick PTA bath, minus the T and A?

Perhaps-ing your way to Pit Perfection.

On your walk back to your coworking space, your mind starts churning. Maybe you really do need to detox your pits for this natural deodorant to work. Perhaps you just need to wait a few weeks and keep using it, day in and day out for your body to grow accustomed to it. No other personal care products work like that though, do they? Perhaps if you just commit to reapplying it every few hours, you can stave off stink until some magical ingredient kicks in. You pick up another stick on the way back and reapply hurriedly in the drugstore bathroom.

Unbridled Dismay.

You return home at the end of the day only to discover your cat doesn’t even want to nuzzle up against you. You sniff your pits and alas, the B.O. is back, baby, with a vengeance. You make a mug of hot tea, sink down on the couch, and begin to sulk. Bear hugs, conga lines, and high fives disappear in the rearview as you soldier on into a decidedly solitary future.  


Like you, we’ve worked our way through the four stages many times, only to find that the fifth stage – buying another stick of deodorant in hopes of achieving healthy, fragrant pits – was not good enough for us. We decided that we were going to hop off this emotional rollercoaster entirely and make our own deodorant. One that is actually non-toxic. One that works. One that offers people the chance to try it without fear of throwing hard-earned money down the drain.


Enter stage left: Pit Liquor. Denatured vodka and whiskey kills the bacteria that live in your armpits. Within seconds, the light alcohol scent evaporates and leaves behind naturally scented essential oils, like lavender, pear, cedarwood, or rose. Teas, arrowroot, and salt make your armpit undesirable for new bacteria to grow, resulting in good smelling underarms all day long and no chemical regrets. Each body responds better to either the rum, vodka, or whiskey base and we are happy to help you find deodorant heaven.


It’s time to get off this ridiculous ride. You’ve got better things to do. Try Pit Liquor. If you don’t love it, your first one is on us.

July 26, 2021 — Abigail Scott
Pit Liquor Beach

Pit Liquor x Spring Break 🍍🥥

The weather is turning and sun seekers rejoice! In the heat of this Spring Break and summer, your pits can smell like a piña colada instead of a roasted gym bag.
April 09, 2021 — Laycie McClain
The Safest Deodorant for Pregnant Moms

The Safest Deodorant for Pregnant Moms

Pit Liquor allows you to use a truly non-toxic deodorant formulated specifically for the high standards of pregnancy safety. Finally, there's a deodorant brand you can trust with your pits and your progeny!
April 02, 2021 — Laycie McClain
Your Surprising Solution for Pit Stench

Your Surprising Solution for Pit Stench

Alcohol + Food-Based Aromas = Dreamy Pits

Pit Liquor deodorant is something like a sommelier for your pits—offering a complementary pairing of alcohol and food that really does make you smell absolutely delicious. 

March 26, 2021 — Laycie McClain
Pit Liquor Reviews: A Top 10 List

Pit Liquor Reviews: A Top 10 List

A David Letterman-style Top 10 List of Pit Liquor reviews from happy customers with happy, stink-free armpits.
March 12, 2021 — Laycie McClain
Pit Liquor: Quenching Stench Beyond the Armpit

Pit Liquor: Quenching Stench Beyond the Armpit

Parenthood brings unexpected challenges...some of them seriously stinky. Read this story for a clever deodorizing lifehack discovered by a mom while in the trench of stench.
March 05, 2021 — Laycie McClain