You probably already know that our overproof alcohol and all-natural ingredients do a great job keeping your pits feeling clean and smelling fresh all day. What you may not know is that Pit Liquor is more than a traditional deodorant. Read on for some of the most unexpected ways you can use Pit Liquor to enhance your day. 

1. All-Over Body Spray

Pit Liquor is amazingly versatile. Spray it all over—pits, feet, face, under-boobs, use it as hand sanitizer—anywhere you want to be fresh and smell great. Many customers use Pit Liquor successfully below the belt, just keep in mind—Pit Liquor is made for external use only, and we always recommend testing sensitive areas with care.

2. Using it as a Scent: Perfume or Cologne

Pit Liquor is scented with 100% pure essential oils and botanicals. We utilize natural perfumery to create layered scents with functional benefits. Spritz a little on your pressure points just like you would a cologne or perfume. Want something calming? Check out the cool floral notes of Blue Lotus. Looking for something rich and deep? Try Black Pepper + Clove and wrap yourself in warm spice. You can also layer complimentary scents to create custom aromas specific to you. 

Unlike most fragrances on the market, you don't need to worry about toxic synthetic chemicals. Each bottle of Pit Liquor has a unique blend of essential oils that smell divine and work together to uplift your senses. Enjoy one of our many refreshing scents that will linger on your skin all day and act as aromatherapy when you need an olfactory boost. 

3. Hand Sanitizer

With an alcohol by volume of 70%, Pit Liquor deodorants have the same alcohol content as hand sanitizer. Carry Pit Liquor in your car or bag and you’re always covered. 

4. Shoes and Feet

Washing shoes can be a pain, or even impossible, depending on the pair. And while deodorizing balls or baking soda might help, only Pit Liquor can actually kill the bacteria growing in your shoes. Simply target a few sprays at the insoles and allow to dry. You can also spray Pit Liquor directly on your feet as well, some say it even relieves Athlete’s Foot. 

5. Deodorize Clothing 

Pit Liquor is the perfect solution for clothing that hangs onto unpleasant odors. Just spray it on the area in question and allow to air dry. Your items will be fresh and good as new. We suggest using it on denim or on regular-wash clothing to extend time between washes.

To prevent staining, we recommend testing in an unobtrusive spot first, and sticking with our clear Coconut + Lime scent for light colored items.

6. Rashes or Poison Ivy 

You might be surprised to know how many customers tell us Pit Liquor helped with their rash or skin reaction, like poison ivy or hives. (When in doubt, always consult your doctor).

7. Razor Burn

Similar to an aftershave, the alcohol in Pit Liquor will kill the bacteria on your skin that contributes to those nasty red bumps. Used after shaving, you may see an improvement in the condition of your skin over time. Extra sensitive? Our Simply Unscented is perfect for delicate skin.

8. Car Deodorizer 

Cars become holding cells for leftover takeout, forgotten lattes, and all that post-workout/practice sweat. A number of our own employees keep a bottle of Pit Liquor spray in their glove compartment for any unpleasant odors (and as hand sanitizer or a quick deodorant re-apply). 

9. Bathroom Spray

The bathroom is an easy space for air to sour quickly. A couple sprays of Pit Liquor will cut through bad odors and replace it with pleasant ones. Keep a bottle on the counter for people to use whenever they might need it. We especially like Cedar + Fir or Limited Edition Orange Blossom for an invigorating lift. 

10. Upholstery

Many companies have marketed fabric and air fresheners that eliminate odors, but these bottles are often filled with a cocktail of harmful chemicals. Pit Liquor’s natural ingredients will eliminate odors in your home just like Febreeze, without the chemical side effects.

We’ve heard from customers who spritz their dog’s bed, upholstered furniture, and even their pillow before bed. One employee found Pit Liquor to be especially effective on vintage furniture that has that old funk you just can’t eliminate. As with clothing, we always recommend you test an inconspicuous area before you spray the larger piece.

11. Dry Shampoo

We’re as surprised as you are to hear that Pit Liquor works as a dry shampoo. A customer wrote to us recently sharing her delightful experience with Pit Liquor spray as a substitute for chalky dry shampoo, particularly for dark hair. Give it a try and see if your hair stays as fresh as your pits.


I’m so glad for this, because I’ve been using it as dry shampoo and for my shoes!

— Joanna

I’m thrilled to hear I can use this for something besides my pits… I get a terrible rash every time I use it. At least this bottle won’t go to waste.

— Karen

Ooooh yes I’ve used it as a room spray! It totally works!

— Kit M

Love Pit Liquor! Excited to try as dry shampoo. I also have been using is as a spot treatment for breakouts! ❤️🌲❤️🌲❤️ I do wish the price could go down ? 🤷🏼‍♀️

— Karla

Works wonderfully on eczema! I get dyshidrotic eczema, which shows up as itchy inflamed blisters on your hands and/or feet, seemingly triggered by different foods. Whenever I’m really suffering, I spray the pine & peppermint pit liquor directly on my feet. It stings for a second (open wounds), then cools, providing super awesome relief. I bought 3 bottles and would’ve gotten the large refill if it’d still been in stock. Waiting for a permanent peppermint addition before I share with my 12k person eczema group lol hint hint $20 a bottle is a lot but not too much for desperate people!

I’ve sprayed it on my leather shoes, on funky smelling clothes, and I cannot wait to try it on my hair ;)

— Heather

At that price with small volume & shipping, it’s pretty hard to use it forcsomevofvthevthingscyou suggest.

— Terry Vaughn

Great suggestions! Thank you.

— Ausrine