Occasionally we hear from customers who are concerned there might be something wrong with their bottle of Pit Liquor. 99.99% of the time, the answer is “nothing is wrong!” Our small-batch, handmade process means that our product isn’t as “perfect” as one made in a tube or can in a factory—our all-natural ingredients produce slight variations at times. We’re perfectly imperfect and we're proud of it. But we understand you may have some questions, so here's a dive into our five most common questions:

1. Why is there sediment at the bottom of my bottle?

That sediment is a star player in our deodorant's stink-fighting power. A blend of arrowroot, sea salt, and teas, the white-ish powder packs a powerful punch to the bacteria in your pits. To make the most of this, be sure you always shake your bottle before applying Pit Liquor.

2. What are those greenish bubbles in my Whiskey Vanilla products?

People sometimes ask if the green bubbles (found in most scents) are mold, but we're happy to report that it's actually the power of plants! The essential oils and jojoba oil fueling each scent form little bubbles inside your bottle. As the oils steep with our proprietary blend of botanicals, the jojoba oil changes color. The greenish bubbles are a sign of blended plant power and nourishing oil—just shake well to get all the goodness!

3. Why is my bottle darker/lighter than my last bottle?

Our master blenders combine the perfect mix of overproof alcohol, essential oils, and our tea/arrowroot blend to each batch before bottling. Different batches of ingredients can lead to slightly different shades in the finished product. But never fear, the powerful Pit Liquor you love is the same in every bottle. The color has nothing to do with the unmatched power of Pit Liquor.

4. Why does this bottle look different than my last one?

Maybe your label was a little crooked, or the fill-line isn’t quite in the same spot as last time. In a world of mechanized factories, we subconsciously expect every bottle to look exactly the same. At our warehouse, Pit Liquor’s small team fills each bottle by hand and applies every label before sending it off to you. That means there may be subtle differences in each label or fill-line, but we like to think of this as our own stamp of authenticity. No machines means real jobs, real people, and a kick-ass natural deodorant made right here in the US.

5. What’s that fuzz in my roller bottle?

If you've used your roller bottle and all of a sudden notice a fuzz ball in the bottom of your bottle. Don’t worry - it’s not mold. It’s just lint or other stray particles that the roller ball has pulled into your bottle. Even if it looks like a little twister, it doesn’t affect the strength of your Pit Liquor, and won’t harm you. Promise.


Noticed any other perfectly imperfect characteristics of your favorite all-natural deodorant? We’d love to hear about them via Instagram or Facebook


RK said:

Best pit product for this gal!…hands down! I have used all the green-stuff and it all damages my clothing due to the waxy/greasy nature of most natural deodorants. This stuff is tops at keeping me fresh…and it never harms my clothing. I am so pleased. I have used PL for over 2 years and still love it…probably even more! New formula is incredible!..so effective! Thank you for this gem! I have my family and friends using it too!

Shawn said:

Both of my sprayers broke. I have Used about 5 percent of only one of the bottles. I’d like to return them. Just not for me. Will you please send me details?


Pit Liquor Team said:

Hey Mike, our bottles changed shape because of a supply chain issue. We are working to find the perfect bottle for our Pit Liquor products and look forward to debuting it soon.

Mike Duignan said:

Why did you change the shape of the bottle? The older one with the longer neck was much easier to hold and use. Wish you would go back to the previous one.

Pit Liquor Team said:

Hey Jeremy, thanks so much for your feedback! Like Cindy said, sometimes Vodka or Whiskey works better with your body chemistry. You can find out more about that here: https://pitliquor.com/blogs/news/whiskey-and-vodka We also wanted to clarify, Pit Liquor doesn’t sell Whiskey Sandalwood, but we do offer Whiskey Vanilla. Is that what product you’re referring to?

Cindy Olszewski said:

Jeremy, I had a similar issue with Coconut Rum with Lime. Loved it and it worked great for awhile, but eventually was less effective. Then I tried one of the scents with whiskey and it was not effective.

I’ve since been using only the vofka-based scents and a variety of those have worked great for me. I’ll stick to the vodka scents and rotate them. I really love this product

Jeremy Smith said:

I’ve used Pit Liquor since June of 2021. I started with Whiskey Lavender. I then purchased the best-seller bundle (Lavender, Black Pepper, Coconut Rum with Lime) and most recently Whiskey Sandalwood. I am not sure if it’s Whiskey Sandalwood or my body, but Whiskey Sandalwood just didn’t work. My odor by day’s end was atrocious. When using regular deodorant, I always swapped brands scents every other purchase. My body does have tendencies to adapt, but I wasn’t sure if it was just the Sandalwood scent or all of the scents before making another purchase. Have you heard of other people’s body’s adapting to the product? Any insights?

I really loved the product until Whiskey Sandalwood and I hope it’s just the Sandalwood scent.

Ricardo said:

I used to use Dr. Squatch deodorant but people think it’s a good price it’s not cause with pit liquor it can last you more than a month and believe or not I use 1 or 2 sprays on each armpit and works fine. Love the smell of it. It will take time for me to order more but will surely stick to you guys cause you make my armpits smiling and happy! Lol!
Thank you so much finally found something that really work! Keep it up and many blessings! One love! Peace!

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