Like all of the infant years of the world wide web and the first decades of the Wild West, the natural deodorant industry is unruly, unregulated, and unconfined. This level of lawlessness has inspired a crowd of look-alikes that use the term “natural” to hide propylene glycol, synthetic fragrance, and more. 

Most of the time, you can’t be sure of what you’re putting on your pits. That’s where we come in. At Pit Liquor, we have your back, or rather, your pits. Here’s how we’re different (and better) than the rest.

1. Pit Liquor Smells Like a Field of Wildflowers! 

Or an orange grove, or a forest, or a beach-side tiki bar. You will too if you use it. In fact, you aren’t to blame for your BO at all. The bacteria that dwell in your pits are responsible and Pit Liquor’s alcohol-based formula kills them right on the spot.

Like your armpit aroma, there’s nothing fake about Pit Liquor’s smell. Each scent profile is made from essential oils like lavender, cedarwood, and vanilla. Natural product companies often implement the phrase “fragrance” to hide a host of chemicals that are intended to make you smell powder fresh. We’re still not sure who wants to smell like baby powder. Pit Liquor’s truly natural formula is derived from Mother Nature herself and allows your underarms to release toxins without causing BO in the process.

2. It’s Refillable!

Does buying ugly plastic deodorant tubes bum you out? We’ve got some good news for you. Pit Liquor is packaged in beautiful glass bottles and is available in bulk so you can reuse your spray bottle, instead of recycling it. Not only are you reducing waste and minimizing your ecological footprint, you’re saving some real dough. Subscribe to get an even bigger discount and scheduled deliveries of your favorite scent to ensure your Pit Liquor well never runs dry. 

3. It’s as good-looking as you are! 

Most deodorants come in cheap-looking plastic containers that demand to get ditched at the bottom of a drawer. Pit Liquor enters your bathroom scene like the belle of the ball.  Our clear glass bottles don’t scream “BO neutralizer” but instead, advertise their contents via understated elegance. Just like you. 

4. It has ingredients so healthy, you can find them in your kitchen

Each of Pit Liquor’s ingredients are food grade. Organic whiskey or vodka provides the bacteria-busting power while arrowroot, salts, and teas create an inhospitable environment underneath your arm. Essential oils deliver a light, earthy aroma that doesn’t overwhelm or irritate like their chemical counterparts are known to do. 

Most natural deodorants on the market rely on baking soda to “neutralize” the bacteria. However, baking soda can cause rashes and because it has a basic ph level, actually makes bacteria thrive. Approximately 40% of people experience skin irritation from baking soda in their deodorants. You can read our label, shop for the ingredients in a grocery store, and eat them. Or drink them.

5. It’s American made

Some brands get away with slapping an “American Made” label on their product when only a small majority was sourced or assembled here. Whenever possible, we source American-made ingredients and supplies, like our lavender that comes from a farm just down the road from our facility.  We formulate, package, and ship from a factory in Colorado because our local economy is the lifeblood of us all. 

The Takeaway

Let’s face it, we were born to sweat. But we don’t have to stink too. Choose a deodorant that aligns with how nature made you. Choose a deodorant that stands apart from the rest and is founded on trust, transparency, and taking care of people and the planet. 

Check out our Pit Liquor line up or if you’re already a believer, consider subscribing to save!