Summer is upon us! Sun-kissed skin, backyard BBQs, splash fests at the pool, and gobs of other outdoor adventures. Let's get the heck away from screens and out under the sky! (Armed underarm with some Pit Liquor magic!)

Pit Liquor at the Beach

Sunshiny time on a beach or by a pool can also mean pools of sweat. In the armpits, sure, but for many in the world there's another major problem area. Hint: They live between the pits. Or, for some of us, they used to. (Ugh, gravity works!)

No need to blush or balk at the mention of boob sweat. We talk about alcohol and armpits all the time around here. Why not add boobs to the mix? The boob sweat struggle is real for chests of all kinds; whether particularly buxom or at the other end of the spectrum. And guess what? Pit Liquor is an effective under-boob stench quencher too! While it's not an antiperspirant (our bodies need to sweat) Pit Liquor's food-grade, organic alcohol base zaps the stink and keeps your bra fresher, longer.

We recently got a hilariously candid and brilliant message from a long-time Pit Liquor fan, Gina. She consistently uses Pit Liquor's Whiskey Lavender Roll-On to stop boob sweat and keep the "girls" smelling sweet.

Whiskey Lavender Pit Liquor Deodorant

Gina's Pit Liquor Story

"The outside temperature climbed just above 86 degrees. I stood in front of my bathroom mirror and thought 'I can’t be the only woman who does this' as I rolled Whiskey Lavender down my breast. 

Sweaty Boob Season is fully upon us so let’s talk tatas.

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer about the same time my boobs started coming in. From that time forward the size of my breasts and the mental baggage I carry around them kept growing and growing and growing.

My mom is now a 20-year survivor (whoop! whoop!) but I realized the majority of my decisions over the last 20 years haven’t been about surviving, they've been more about avoiding. Natural birth control methods, extended breastfeeding, even the stuff I put on my pits.

I’VE TRIED ALL THE PIT STUFF. My under arms have been chapped, rashed and burnt. I’ve smelt somewhere between a dirty hippie and a barnyard animal, all in the name of breast health. It didn’t seem fair I had to sacrifice hygiene for health.

Then I found Pit Liquor.

AHHH! The angels sang. Not only are my pits smooth, happy, and stench-free. My "girls" are happy too. I don’t have to worry about any of the BS other brands put into their deodorant. I can roll down one pit, do figure 8's between my boobs, and right back up the other side without a worry in the world!

Thanks for creating a superior product!"

Need We Say More?

Gina's story kind of says it all and we're so thrilled she's found out how to prevent boob sweat with Pit Liquor. It's an effective, natural deodorant that doesn't deposit toxic crap near or directly on your breast tissue and that matters!

Another perk is that Pit Liquor won't leave cakey white or oily stains on your tank tops this summer! Join Gina in taking a non-stinky, non-staining stand for your breast health. Give it a go yourself and tell us about your Pit Liquor discoveries! 

One tip as you go forth in discovery-making...we are often asked if Pit Liquor can be used to deodorize in other private areas (think just south of the body equator). The short answer is, we don't recommend that. For more info, check out our latest FAQ post with more in-depth answers!

You can connect with Gina, Creator of Kindness, here. 

Connect with Gina Sachs


Laycie McClain lives nestled against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Loveland, CO. It's a handy place to live for a Wyoming native who treasures mountain adventures, a good craft beer, and plenty of opportunities for enjoying the outdoors with her husband and daughter.

Laycie McClain
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