As part of my health journey, I knew I needed to switch to a natural deodorant. I just didn’t realize how many tries it was going to take to get it right.

Like all of us, I tried going with the ‘all natural’ and ‘chemical free’ name brands, but that did nothing for my BO. I would buy a new brand every time and it always sucked. I finally gave up on it all together and went back to the chemical-filled deodorants; however, my pits must have grown to enjoy their new chemical free life, because they lashed out with rashes! At this point, I took the only other path I could see; no deodorant, and just a lot of washing. As an option, this one stunk… literally.

Enter Pit Liquor. My girlfriend found it out of nowhere (or, you know, the internet), and I tried some out when she got it. It turned out to be the answer to it all. It’s actual genius. The alcohol dries on your pits instantly and then leaves them smelling whatever way you want (I like a bunch of their scents—my favorite regular scents are Lavender + Laurel and Cedar + Fir, and then the limited editions are always too). Bonus, it’s a spray so it’s not gross to share with my gf, and the scents are gender neutral (although we both have different favorites—she’s a huge Blue Lotus fan). It’s filled with all sorts of beneficial oils and quality plant extracts to create the scent at no detriment to your pits. Like, they actually have all their ingredients listed, instead of the blanket “fragrance” (cue scary music) that a lot of brands use to hide sketchy ingredients. You can take it on the go without worrying about it freezing or melting, and can apply as much as necessary, since it’s not gunky and doesn’t build up like stick deodorant. The best part? I’m no longer stinky, rashy, or hurting my body by putting gross chemicals on it.

I can finally say this deodorant obstacle is behind me, and I have Pit Liquor to thank for my clean and happy pits.

Tell us about your clean deodorant journey in the comments, you deserve hype for doing better for your pits. 

Hanna Boeckenstedt