Allow us to set the dreadful, annoying, and unfortunately, all-too-common deodorant experience scene. It’s Monday, and you’re about to head out the door for the work day. You're scrambling to get breakfast down the hatch as you realize you barely have the time to brew your very much needed cup of joe. 

Once you finally reach the door, you catch an unsettling whiff of what smells like sweaty locker room, post-sauna stench. Of course – you forgot to put on deodorant. You decide it’s worth being late to spare the people around you, and rush upstairs to the bathroom. After scrambling to swipe your pits, the frustration really kicks in once you realize the stick that should be making you smell good stains your nice work shirt. It’s hard not to wonder, “is personal hygiene really supposed to be this irritating?”

If we had to guess, you’ve been through this before and your wardrobe is constantly suffering the consequences. There doesn’t seem to be a solution to the gloppy residue buildup you feel on your underarms and find on clothing every time. 

Get this – there’s over 2 million Google search results to the question, “how to get deodorant stains out of shirts.” Pretty wild, because it doesn’t need to be that way...

Antiperspirants May Be the Culprit

You’re probably wondering why these stains happen in the first place. And good news – it’s not just your sweaty tendencies to blame. Antiperspirants, which are designed to block sweat glands, contain aluminum salts that react with armpit sweat. When you combine sweat with the chemical residue, it’s absorbed by the fabric of your clothing, causing discoloration and often permanent pit stains. 

This is just another reason why avoiding aluminum-filled antiperspirants is the best move. 


A Solution to this Maddening Deodorant Debacle 

Personal hygiene should be less of a chore, who agrees?

We designed our spray deodorant formulas to not only smell amazing, but to solve the problematic pain points that every other deodorant seemed to have – annoying deodorant residue being one of them.

Pit Liquor provides a clean application that leaves your pits feeling delightfully refreshed and airy. With NO GUNK or stickiness or anything gross! With our aluminum-free and stain-free ingredients, amazing smells and clean feel, you’ll actually look forward to putting on your deodorant – even on a Monday.

And hot tip – grab a 50 ml size to carry with you or keep in your car for when unexpected stink catches you by surprise. It’s easy to refresh with Pit Liquor, since it doesn’t build up in your pits. It’s like a quickie armpit shower, leaving you clean and fresh.
Hanna Boeckenstedt