If you’re reading this you probably know that whiskey is a big part of what makes Pit Liquor special. What you may not know is vodka is also a key ingredient in our arsenal. Now that’s not just because we’re fans of a stiff Sunday afternoon Greyhound or a hump day Martini, it’s mostly because Vodka can handle a strain of odor-causing bacteria that Whiskey can’t.

Each of us has our own unique chemistry - that’s why body odor can be so different from pit to pit. It turns out there are two main strains of odor-causing bacteria. Our co-founder Jason discovered vodka and whiskey each bring different skills to the table to defeat these strains. Naturally, we use whiskey and vodka in most of our base formulations. 

Still reading? Great, let’s dive into this dynamic duo a bit further.


The Whiskey

There’s a reason people go nuts for nice whiskeys. It’s one of the more strictly regulated spirits in the world, with precise, time-consuming processes required to bring out the character of the liquid. Whiskey is made from grains that include barley, corn, rye, or wheat and then it's aged in oak barrels for a period of time. 

Anyone who has ever sipped Gibson’s Canadian whiskey at a frat party knows that the quality of whiskey can vary just a bit. This is why we partner with Feisty Spirits in Fort Collins, Colorado. A little bit of love goes into every batch of organic whiskey they make. We use an overproof version because it’s ultra-effective at killing bacteria, leaving your pits pleasant smelling and stink-free. Just like your hand sanitizer, the alcohol evaporates quickly, meaning there’s no lingering booze smell. 


A few of our whiskey expressions include:

Whiskey Lavender

Who doesn’t like lavender? This soothing essential oil is all that’s left once our overproof whiskey evaporates, taking the bacteria and its’ stink with it. Light, soothing notes of lavender will carry you on a purple cloud through even the most stressful of days while bacteria is further kept at bay by organic arrowroot and sea salt. 



Whiskey Cedarwood

Channel your inner lumberjack or lumberjane with this woodsy deodorant. This forest-inspired fragrance uses overproof whiskey to banish bacteria while leaving trace notes of wild, rough-cut cedarwood. Turn your cubicle into a cozy cabin with just a few spritzes of this outdoorsy scent.



Vodka - the unsung hero?

If whiskey isn’t fully doing the trick, your bacteria may be better beaten to submission with vodka. The word vodka is translated to mean “little water” and people have been drinking it since the Middle Ages. Made from cereal grains, vodka is one of the most easily accessible spirits in the world and is used in everything from house cleaners to hand sanitizers. The vodka we use in our natural deodorant is super effective at zapping bacteria right where they sit because of its high alcohol content. 


A few of our vodka joints include:

Coconut Rum with Lime 

What started as a limited edition is now one of Pit Liquor’s biggest stars. This vodka-based deodorant mixes in a little lime, rum, and coconut to transport you to a tropical beach far away from fluorescent lights and spreadsheets. Bacteria can be particularly vulnerable to acid, so lime peel essential oil adds an extra punch to the bacteria boxing match. Zesty lime pairs perfectly with round notes of juicy coconut curating an endless summer sensation no matter the time of year. 



Just Vodka

Powerful yet uncomplicated our Just Vodka natural deodorant is all business, eliminating body odor on contact. This one is scent-free and lets your natural pheromones shine while drowning your bacteria with vodka. 



Apple Orchard Cranberry

Apple and cranberry often play supporting roles in after-work cocktails, but you know what else each juicy fruit pairs well with? Your pits. Sweet yet earthy, this vodka-based deodorant conjures up those perfect weekend drives in the Fall. 



While vodka and whiskey are the stars, all of our deodorants lean on a proprietary blend of herbs, roots, and teas to ensure Pit Liquor stands up to your BO for days, not mere hours. Strong over-proof alcohol and a killer ingredients list to kill your stench? It’s a WIN all the way around.


Abigail Scott