Welcome to August! It's that time of year when we all think about going back to school. Families flood Target checking school supplies off their lists. College co-eds return to their dorm rooms armed with giant textbooks and new comforters. You replenish your Pit Liquor supply so you can breathe easy when you sweat the small (and big) stuff. We dream of freshly sharpened pencils, new notebooks, and cute backpacks.

Oh wait. It's 2020 and that means COVID.

Back to school will look a little different this year, won't it? All those social clubs and PTA meetings and playground meet-ups have been cancelled. Online and social-distanced learning is the new guide. This year comes with huge adjustments for everyone, from parents to college students to kindergartners.

Here at Distilled Bath & Body, we understand the struggles of work and kids and school. We're right alongside you working while raising our kids in this pandemic too.

To parents of school-aged kids: We know this season is so tough. You never wanted to be a teacher, but here you are working on phonics and fractions (why do they keep changing math?) while trying to manage your own life. You're wondering if your kids will learn enough to graduate high school (or the 3rd grade!) now that you've been put in charge of their education. 

To the single mom: We cannot imagine how you juggle it all, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. Keeping up with your kids and your job and your sanity is more than any human can do. You're our super hero. Remember-- you are important and you matter. And it's okay to freak out sometimes.

To working parents: Last year it felt like a balancing act to get the kids to school or daycare, slay at work, make nutritious meals, connect with friends, and still actually get a few minutes of sleep at night. This year? Everything is basically falling off your plate constantly, just like your toddler's broccoli. We get it, and we're struggling to balance everything too. Take things day by day right now, and dream of that killer vacation you'll take when life returns to normal.

To college students: We know all your on-campus dreams have been postponed. We hate that you don't get to enjoy a Kappa Delta party or take a class from that renowned professor. The bright side? You'll definitely be saving money living at home, and modern technology means you're not completely devoid of friend time. We hope that despite the setbacks this is your best year yet.

To teachers everywhere: Back to school you go! We know this school year is unlike anything you've ever faced before. Masks and hand sanitizer will become your new normal as you still fight to teach your students everything you can. We believe in you and know you'll rise to the occasion. 

To all of us: We're lonely, you're lonely. We miss our lives and our friends and our full calendars. We wish we could hug you right now so we're sending good vibes through the screen straight to you. You've got this.

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Melanie lives near Raleigh, NC with her husband and three kids. She loves hot coffee, good books, and deep conversations. Connect with her on Instagram via @intentional_motherhood

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Hugs right back to ya!

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