So you want to switch to all natural body care products. You've read the articles on the correlation between health problems and chemicals. You know you want the products you put on your body to be as good for you as the food you put inside your body. So what now? How do you wade through the vast array of "healthy" and "natural" products to find the ones that are truly good for you? And even more important, how do you find the ones that actually work?

We started making Pit Liquor natural deodorant because we couldn't find anything else on the market that fit our criteria for natural ingredients. Our criteria: If you wouldn't put it in your body, don't put it on your body. We want to help you take all your bath, body, makeup, and home products from chemical-laden to clean. Here are five tips to get you started:

1. Read the Ingredients List

It can be easy to see words like "natural" on the front label and assume the product is good for you. Unfortunately, words like this aren't regulated and can be slapped on any product. Before you put that natural product in your cart, flip it over and read the ingredients list. Do you see ingredients you're familiar with like essential oils? Or do you see strange chemicals like sulfates? Do you expect to recognize all of the ingredients? This was that question that led us to start Pit Liquor.

2. Watch Out for Fragrances

"Fragrance" is a blanket term used in an ingredients list to hide any number of chemicals or non-natural products. What might be hidden? Nobody knows! Companies can hide so many different chemicals in "fragrance" that it's virtually impossible to know what's actually included. Whenever possible, skip products that use "fragrance" in their ingredients list.

3. Choose Organic

The "organic" label means that the substances in a product were grown without any synthetic pesticides or gross stuff like sewage sludge (it really happens!). When pesticides are applied to your sensitive lymph nodes, they're going to cause problems. Your pits may act pesky, but they're not pests. Choosing organic guarantees you'll be skipping all those yucky pesticides that were never meant to enter your body.

4. Shop Around

We all get stuck in a shopping rut. Whole Foods, Target, Kroger. It's much easier to hit a one-stop-shop and head home. But in our online world, so many products are now featured online-only or in specialty stores. When you know you need a new product (like, say, natural deodorant!), check online before you buy from a big box store. You might just find that online options are better, more affordable, and really do have a good ingredients list.

5. Try An App

Apps like Think Dirty will allow you to scan a product and know right away how clean it really is. Think Dirty gives you a rating between one and ten for how good the product is for you. When you're not sure what to choose, this can help you narrow down your options to better, healthier choices.


Bonus: A few of our favorite things! 

Here's a quick list of some of our favorite clean products. We know there are many options, so this isn't an exhaustive list, just a way to get started!

Coconut Rum with Lime Deodorant: This is one of our best selling Pit Liquor scents! We love the tropical aroma, especially right now when we're stuck at home dreaming of a beach vacation. The spray bottle makes it super easy to use and keeps our pits fresh all day long!

Plaine Products: Plaine offers a wide array of body products (including a great line of face care products!) that are actually natural. Plus, they're plastic free! They offer and easy-to-use subscription service and are safe for any member in your home, no matter how little.

ETEE:  This company's goal is to help you become plastic free. In addition to a fantastic line of body products, they offer food storage and a kitchen cleaning line. You can keep your body and your home clean!


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August 29, 2020 — Melanie Allen


Shammy S said:

It sure was nice that you suggested reading the ingredients of the natural product that you are considering buying to look for familiar ingredients like essential oils. This is something that I will do because I am planning to shop for beauty soaps that are infused with Balsam Fir essential oil. My plan is to only shop for soaps that would not cause any harm to my sensitive skin, so it is important for me to look for soaps with natural ingredients.

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