Okay, maybe you saw our tongue-in-cheek attempt at humor with the Top 5 Rejected Limited Edition Scents, but coming up with new scents is actually a serious business. So what goes into the process? Let's pull back the curtains and take a look! 

One of the first things we look at is the upcoming season. Summer is the perfect time for a cool pina colada, so Coconut Rum with Lime makes scents! Err...sense. As we head into fall, we'll be looking at scents that naturally fit into that time of year. Maybe pumpkin. Maybe a leaf fire. (Probably not...)

After we come up with an idea, it's time to create. Like a mad scientist, you'll find us adding a pinch of this and dash of that to hone in on what we hope might work. 

When we have a working scent, it's time for the next test: skin, specifically pits. That's right, on any given day, anyone walking into our establishment might find a bunch of people sniffing one another's pits. Someone's gotta do it. Sometimes things smell terrific in the bottle and...less so once they hit skin. Pears, for instance. We tried pears, but it just smelled wrong (a bit like a church bathroom, tbh) when we sprayed it onto skin. We love pears, so we might try again, but our first experiment just didn't work. 

If it still smells good on pits, then we dive into the process of ethically sourcing the ingredients we'll need to bring the latest limited edition scent to you. Just yesterday we came out with Irish Coffee & Amaretto, a warm and inviting scent that's sure to please. 

Sometimes our limited edition scents are so popular that they find a home on the permanent list. In fact, we'll be announcing a new addition to the permanent line soon but here's a teaser: Fans of the show Psych will have insight into this once-limited scent...

Thanks for joining us on this journey of taking you behind the scenes. Do you have a suggestion for upcoming limited edition scents we should try? Leave your ideas in the comments. And thanks for reading! 


Scott lives in the foothills of Colorado with his two smelly teenage sons and his far less smelly wife Janna. In his free time he enjoys board games and books. 

Scott Firestone