Are sensitive pits a thing? The ones who experience rashes, irritation, and burning sensations are screaming yes to this question. While you may have searched far and wide for a pit-saving solution, it’s possible you haven’t yet delved into all there is to know about selecting a deodorant your pits will be content with. 

If we’re talking about you, keep reading to get our top tips on the matter. Even if you don’t experience sensitive pits, you should be aware of some of the problematic ingredients in deodorant to keep an eye out for. Either way, your pits will thank you later. 

Let’s break it down to 3 common ingredients you see in store bought deodorants that tend to cause irritations for folks, and what you can do to be sure that you’re avoiding them for the sake of happy pits. 

#1 Baking Soda 

Little do many know, baking soda is often the major culprit for people who struggle with sensitivity. In fact, many “natural” deodorants rely on baking soda to absorb odors, and unfortunately it causes rashes for lots of people. Why? Baking soda has a very high pH. So when you apply it to your skin, your pH rises above normal levels and in turn causes irritation, dryness, and redness. 

Another truth about baking soda is that it doesn’t even work to fight off odor. Since it’s water soluble, once you sweat it dissolves and doesn’t do the job it’s intended to. Pointless ingredients that cause pit irritation? No thanks. Pit Liquor uses arrowroot powder that’s effective in helping to absorb moisture, keeping you smelling good all day long. 


#2 Fragrance 

We get it, the point of deodorant is to smell nice. However, putting unregulated amounts of about 3,000+ possible synthetic ingredients on your pits is not the move. When sweat comes into contact with these harmful compounds, it’s a recipe for itching and irritation. 

Tip: stray away from the deodorants that contain “parfum” or “fragrance” on the label. These are blanket terms that hide hundreds of man-made chemicals and phthalates, and are huge endocrine disruptors. Pit Liquor gets its scents from naturally derived essential oils, and discloses all ingredients, so you know exactly what you’re putting on your delicate pits.


#3 Propylene Glycol 

This ingredient, found in tons of deodorants, is used as an emulsifier, mainly for the purpose of a smooth application feeling. The problem with this particular ingredient is that it’s typically derived from natural gas or petroleum, which just doesn’t sit right with us. It can cause eczema and allergy-like symptoms, and some deodorants have as much as a 50% dose in their formulations. We’ll pass, thanks. The good news is, applying Pit Liquor feels amazingly fresh because it’s a liquid—without ingredients from questionable sources. 


If you’re prone to sensitive pits or just want to do better in opting for non-toxic products, Pit Liquor is the way to go. Do what’s right for your pits, shop here.
May 26, 2023 — Hanna Boeckenstedt

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