Every ingredient in your Pit Liquor has an important, powerful, pit-serving purpose. And if there's one thing you should know about us, it’s that we don’t just talk about Pit Liquor being the best non-toxic deodorant, we are transparent about why. This means sharing about our 100% clean ingredients and the vast benefits you get from your bottle of deodorant heaven. It’d truly be a disservice if you didn’t know about the liquid magic happening in that classy bottle of yours. 

With that, we’re dropping another ingredient spotlight – and today we’re talking Umckaloabo, a South African derived flowering plant that contributes to the many wonderful benefits of your Pit Liquor. Let’s get into the details, and you’ll see what the hype is all about. 

What is Umckaloabo? 

Umckaloabo is native to South Africa and has a long history of being used for healing infections and respiratory issues. Back in the day, its medicinal properties treated things like Tuberculosis before antibiotics came into the picture. Nowadays, it’s often used to treat the common cold – it’s actually the only herb scientifically tested to do so. Next time you have the sniffles, try incorporating this herbal remedy instead. We’re here for all the natural alternatives!  

Umckaloabo Benefits 

Why is Umckaloabo in Pit Liquor you may ask? Well, since its most proven benefit is its impressive antibacterial properties, this powerhouse ingredient does its part by ridding the bad bacteria from your pits by literally preventing bacteria from replicating, which helps to quench your stench.

Umckaloabo has immune fighting super powers, and awesome anti-microbial qualities when applied to the skin. The oils and antioxidants within the plant promote a healthy glow, and don’t we all want glowing pits? 

If you read our most recent blog, Do You Have Sensitive Pits, Pit Liquor is Your Solution you’d be happy to know that Umckaloabo aids in taming irritated skin. And since you’ve learned to drop baking soda filled deodorant for the sake of sensitivity, you should be relieved knowing Pit Liquor is your recipe for thriving pits. 

As you can see, Umckaloabo undoubtedly deserves credit for the awesomeness it brings to our formulas. We hope you’ll treat your pits to what they deserve – a luxurious bottle of Pit Liquor filled with ingredients that change the deodorant game. 

Stalk the blog to read up on more ingredient spotlights, because you should get to know all the benefits you're getting from your Pit Liquor!

Hanna Boeckenstedt