Every bottle of Pit Liquor we package up and send off means we reach one more set of pits that doesn’t have to suffer from the harmful chemicals in conventional deodorants. We’re talking things like benzene, aluminum, synthetic fragrance, and so much more. By switching to Pit Liquor, you’re reducing your toxic load and saving yourself a trip to that dreadful deodorant aisle, where you’re bound to suffer from a lack of truly toxin-free options. This was our biggest nightmare, hence the creation of Pit Liquor. 

So yes, we’re on a mission to make your pits a better place, but that's not all we care about. We have a vendetta against the barely-regulated health and beauty industry, sneaking in poisons and toxicity at every turn. This obsession with high quality ingredients has led to a true passion for clean products—because why should you have it any other way?

Once you've got the best clean deodorant option, we want to inspire you to find other ways to reduce your toxic load. This can be overwhelming, so we'll make it easy. Let’s dive into some simple tips that you can implement today. 


#1 Avoid Plastic

Plastic is all around us, but one thing you can start with on a road to less toxins is the prevalence of the use of plastic in your home. Did you know that plastic can leach into foods and drinks from heat? 

Toss out plastic food containers and ziploc bags and replace them with glass storage. This simple change will leave you with the peace of mind that you’re not ingesting unnecessary chemicals like BPA and phthalates (commonly linked to cancer) in something as important as your food. 

We’re pretty passionate about the plastic problem, so do yourself and the Earth a favor and limit your exposure to plastic when you can! 


#2 Swap Your Cleaning Supplies

Your typical household cleaners are loaded with chemicals, endocrine disruptors, fragrance, etc. When you use these products around your home, you’re inhaling them constantly.

A safe alternative is to opt for water and vinegar, or have fun with creating a DIY mix with essential oils. Don't want to make your own? We like Attitude because they use refillable aluminum bottles!


#3 Sort Through Your Personal Care Products

Our recommendation is to start with your deodorant for a couple of reasons. If you are using an antiperspirant, sweat is blocked and therefore makes it harder for your body to naturally detox. Sweating helps us rid our body of toxins (you can't avoid them all), it's a healthy natural process! We also grab for deodorant on a daily basis, and it sits on our skin, so that frequent use puts it at at top priority. Ditch the mainstream ones you find at the store unless you want to bathe in a cocktail of carcinogenic chemicals, skin-irritants, etc, everyday.

Once you've taken care of your pits, move on to your other products. Spend an hour looking up brands or ingredients on the EWP site. Every toxic product you replace supports your body's healthy functioning!


Gradually making shifts like this will do wonders for reducing your toxic load. Should we do a part two? Drop a comment if you found this helpful!

Hanna Boeckenstedt