We tend to avoid gendering our products because we've met plenty of guys who love floral, sweet scents and a fair few ladies who prefer the woodsy, spicy tones. Besides, who's to say a certain kitchen ingredient belongs to one group or the other? Pit Liquor is entirely food-based.

But we get this question all the time! So which manly deodorant scents would you want if you were a lady and you were buying for a guy in your life? We're here to help with that.

A month or so ago, I ran an experiment with my 12-year-old cross-country runner. I had the the unenviable task of smelling his pits before and after cross country practice. Turns out, Pit Liquor worked remarkably well! (You can check out the whole story here.)

It worked so well, in fact, that I had to recently order a ReFill of Whiskey Black Pepper, because there are two of us using the spray now. It's got a sharp, spicy...well, manly scent. I really like it. So does my son. 

Spurred on by seeing our experiment, my older son--also a cross country runner--has started using Coconut Rum with Lime. 

And just this week, we came out with our latest limited edition natural men's deodorant scent, Warm Whiskey Cedar. What's manlier than trees! I mean...lumberjacks! (Monty Python's Lumberjack Song notwithstanding...) 

Here's the deal: We don't care who wears what, but there are scents here for the whole family. Check out our manly smelling deodorant and more here!

Scott lives in the foothills of Northern Colorado, and enjoys hiking, writing, and playing game with his fabulous-smelling family. 


Karyl said:

I originally ordered whiskey black pepper deodorant for my hubby. He refuses to us commercial, full of chemicals , brands. I received it. I tested it. I hid it from him and enjoyed it thoroughly until I shamed myself into sharing. Now I’m absolutely sold /obsessed. I tend toward woodsy spicy scents so the multiple scents we have ordered are wonderful. Thank you so much!!!

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