Guys, we did it! You helped us and we're here! Our Kickstarter campaign was a raging success because of all of you. We set out to raise $12k and ended up with almost $19.5k! So awesome!

We're in the trenches of production now, spinning as fast as we can to get things moving for all of you since you jumped in for us at the start of something so unusual. 

We have boxes of whiskey at our house and totes of vodka on their way. We've moved up the ladder in terms of being able to buy liquor in quantities that make sense, but we still have some room to grow. But that's a good thing. Boxes of Bottled Rye Whiskey from Bear Creek Distillery

We're working on getting our orders out to all of you lovely backers on Kickstarter. We will post updates as we can on Kickstarter and move updates gradually over to here, our blog. 

Today, we're opening up our online store for the very first time for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday sales. It doesn't get much more small-business than a store that LITERALLY just opened its doors for sales. And that's us! 

We will share some pictures throughout the weekend as we get into production. We have family coming from out of town JUST TO HELP US BOTTLE DEODORANT. We have really wonderful people in our families. We're so thankful!