About Us

Hello! We're Jason & Erica.

The story of Pit Liquor began at a most unusual time: During my pregnancy with Eve. Jason was concerned about the carcinogens in our deodorants and we'd been trying various natural alternatives, but none of them worked. One day, he begged me to stop using toxic deodorant for the baby. So I slapped hand sanitizer on my armpits and headed out the door issuing Jason a challenge to find something that actually worked. When I got home, I didn't stink. Always the inventor, Jason thought plain old hand sanitizer was a boring (and not entirely non-toxic) solution to underarm stench, but the hand sanitizer illuminated a new idea: high-proof, drinkable alcohol is less toxic than anything unregulated and potentially made from inedible ingredients. So, obviously, we turned to whiskey to solve our quandary. Jason began reading medical textbooks about deodorant after a conversation with our doctor about the topic. He did research, trials, and found a perfect formula all while sticking to a motto to use only ingredients that are safe enough to eat. Now, we've finished a successful Kickstarter campaign and sit cozy with our patent pending. We've had over 100 media stories written about us. We've been featured in places like: Playboy, Circa, local papers like the Loveland Reporter Harold and the Coloradoan, and even Michael Symon and Clinton Kelly talked about us on ABC's The Chew.

Meet your Pit Pals!

Erica (Co-Owner/Creator) & Eve

Don't be fooled, we all know who the real boss is around here and we'll give you a hint, she's not wearing glasses! This tiny power house is the reason we are all here so it's only fitting we give her a quick shout out: GO EVE!

Erica as many of you now is half the heart and soul of this company (you'll learn about the other half in a hot minute below). When she's not busy running a company (accounting, innovation, customer service, wholesale...you name it she does it!) she's got her hands full with her daughter but wouldn't change a thing and we don't want her to! Three random facts about her include:

1. She memorized all the lines to the Princess Bride with her college roommate

2. She's NEVER (better knock on wood) been pulled over or ticketed for speeding.

Jason (Co-Owner/Creator)

Remember when we mentioned the other half to the heart and soul of the company? Well here he is, Chewbacca... oops we meant Jason! Clearly he brings a sense of humor to work but not only that, his mad nerd skills come in handy as he develops all of the stench quenching formulas! That's right, you can thank Jason for the awesomeness that is Pit Liquor plus he's always working on new crazy formulas as his goal is to have a product that works for every pit! Three random facts about him include:

1. He hasn't washed his pits since switching to Pit Liquor in 2017!

2. He has been to space camp twice. (12 year old me very jealous...)

3. He goes out of his way to only wear natural clothing (minus his killer Chewbacca costume!)