Pit Liquor Cofounders


Founded with purpose.

Pit Liquor was founded by Erica and Jason Feucht, a passionate pair of innovators in Fort Collins, Colorado. The story began at a most unusual time, during Erica's pregnancy with her first child. Her husband, Jason, was concerned about harmful ingredients in deodorants so they’d been trying natural alternatives but none of them worked. One day, out of frustration, Erica slapped hand sanitizer on her armpits and headed out the door issuing Jason a challenge to find something that actually worked. When she got home, she didn’t stink, and that set Jason off on a solution. Jason is a materials scientist and a bit of an inventor. He took the positives of the hand sanitizer (killed bacteria) and considered the negatives (it’s semi-toxic, boring, and not particularly fragrant) and reached into the liquor cabinet and pulled out a bottle of whiskey. Major lightbulb moment! Whiskey is regulated, edible, and full of bacteria-killing alcohol. From there, Jason began reading medical textbooks and consulted with doctors. He did research trials and found a perfect formula, all while sticking to a motto to use only ingredients that are safe enough to eat. What was at first just a personal solution was then shared with friends and family, and eventually turned into a business so YOU could experience the magic of Pit Liquor too!


Made with care.

Pit Liquor is proudly crafted in Seattle, Washington by a group of people who are passionate about clean products and healthy solutions for our bodies and our planet. Our products are always all-natural and non-toxic. Our brand and company believe in transparency and sustainability. All of our products come in recyclable glass and we offer refill bottles as a way to lessen our footprint. Our ambition is big—we want to play our part in transitioning the world from toxic to natural, one armpit at a time. Thanks for helping us get there!