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Pit Liquor

The deodorant that doubles down as hand debuggerizer.

Traveling and need a quick refresh from all the germs? Out & about with no where to wash your hands? Can't find hand sanitzer anywhere because of a global pandemic? Have no fear, we got you. Go ahead, grab a spray bottle of Pit Liquor, shake well, and spritz on your hands.

Fun Facts:

  • Pit Liquor is 70% alcohol, which is a 7% higher alcohol content than the legal requirement for hand sanitizer. (These alcohol contents revolve around the ability to claim germ-killing status, which we haven't applied for, and don't have the legal right to say we kill germs, but these are some factoids in case you're interested. *Pit Liquor is not FDA approved to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease.)
  • Pit Liquor is made from alcohol that contains no petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates, or junk. We're talking an all-natural version of hand santizer!
  • Pit Liquor smells better than hand sanitizer (we might be biased but our stuff smells 👌)
  • We have barrels of 95% vodka hanging out at our warehouse and we don't plan to run out soon. So spritz happily, folks!

Want to learn more about staying clean? Click HERE to learn more from the CDC's site on handwashing & hand sanitzer use for tips to stay happy and healthy.

PSA - Wash 👏 your 👏 hands!
This is still the #1 way to rid your skin of germs

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